Best tips for would-be brides dealing with sleep deprivation

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16th Jan 2023 Wellbeing

Best tips for would-be brides dealing with sleep deprivation
Pre-wedding jitters are more common than you imagine, and even the happiest brides encounter them at some point. You can imagine the stress that comes with committing for a lifetime, no matter how much you love your partner.
The anxiety you feel is perfectly normal, but its implications can ruin the fun and excitement of your special day. You may experience skin breakouts, dips and spikes in your appetite, and episodes of emotional outbursts. Sleep deprivation is even worse because it affects your health, mood, and complexion. You may feel tired and restless, which can affect the wedding preparations.
Regaining control over your sleep cycles should be your top priority. Popping a pill sounds like an easy solution, but it can do more harm than good. Medication may have severe side effects in the long run and even cause habit formation. Moreover, bridal insomnia is a temporary phase, so resorting to medication is not the best option. Fortunately, you can try some natural alternatives to address the concern and get enough rest before your big day. Let us share some actionable tips for would-be brides dealing with sleep deprivation.

Modify your bedtime schedule

Brides tend to be busy when the wedding is around the corner. You may have endless task lists to complete, from trying your outfits to visiting your stylist, making event preparations, and more. Additionally, date nights and pre-wedding events pack the schedules further. The hours in a day do not seem enough, and you may end up sleeping late on most days. Constant disruptions can affect your sleep-wake cycle, leading to insomnia. But you can prevent the situation by modifying your bedtime schedule. Consider wrapping up tasks by early evening so that you are home on time. Avoid late-night invitations, even on the weekends. Maintain an eight-hour schedule, no matter how busy you are.

Clean your diet

A wrong diet is perhaps the most common sleep culprit, and would-be brides are prone to it. Shopping sprees, date nights, and parties often mean eating unhealthy and processed foods. Likewise, sugar does more than lead to weight gain because it can also keep you awake. Caffeine is another reason brides struggle with insomnia because they have more coffee and caffeinated beverages to get quick energy boosts during the day. Alcohol is also a culprit you must avoid. Cleaning your diet by avoiding these food culprits can help keep insomnia at bay. As a bonus, you also get weight loss benefits. 

Fit in a daily workout session

Working out may be the last thing on your mind when your wedding date is approaching. But it is the best way to maintain weight, relieve stress, and keep your sleep cycles on track. Exercising releases feel-good endorphins and also perks your energy levels. You can pick any activity that gets you moving instead of following a stringent gym routine. Try yoga at home, join an aerobics class with your partner, or step out for a morning walk. You can even find sneaky ways to stay active, such as walking to the market, playing with your dog, and using stairs instead of the lift.

Try a natural sleep aid

Another tip brides-to-be can rely on to address insomnia is to try a natural sleep aid. Luckily, you have more options than you imagine. Herbal teas like chamomile and lavender set you up for a restful slumber. You can opt for cannabis because it is legal and validated by research. Opting for the right strain is the key because variants such as the white truffle strain have proven benefits for sleep issues. Besides being an effective sleep remedy, cannabis also helps you with soreness and anxiety. A bedtime session can relax your body and mind after a long and stressful day of wedding shopping and planning.

Try relaxation techniques

Besides using a natural sleep remedy, you can also embrace relaxation techniques like meditation and aromatherapy to prevent tossing and turning in bed. Meditation is an excellent addition to your bedtime ritual, so you can consider continuing it even after the wedding. A hot bath with essential oils is also an effective relaxation technique. You can also start a pre-wedding journal to write down your feelings and purge the negative emotions. Another relaxation technique would-be brides can depend on is to create a to-do list for the next day. You feel less stressed and do not lose sleep trying to recall daily tasks at bedtime.
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Minimize screen time

Even the busiest brides want to binge-watch their favorites or check social media, but these habits are the worst ways to unwind before bed. Device screens can kill your sleep and stress you out, so you must ditch them at bedtime. The blue light from TVs, phones, laptops, and tablets affect melatonin levels. The hormone regulates the sleep cycle, and disruptions in it can cause insomnia. You can address the problem by switching off your devices at least an hour before bed. Turning off notifications in the evening is even better, as it helps you overcome the temptation of checking social media or work emails.

Set the mood in your bedroom

A bedroom makeover is perhaps the easiest solution for brides dealing with sleep deprivation. Ideally, you must create a perfect sleep environment with a comfortable bed, minimal lighting, and optimal temperature. Invest in the best mattresses and pillows, even if you have to spend a bit on them. Consider a bedroom decluttering project if it seems too congested. Black-out curtains can help maintain your natural circadian rhythm. Avoid high heating or cooling during extreme weather because such temperatures can actually make you uncomfortable.
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Bridal beauty sleep is essential to look beautiful and feel good on your big day. But brides often deal with insomnia due to the pre-wedding blues. However, embracing these simple measures and rituals can help you regain control over your schedules and get enough rest. Begin with them sooner than later so that you are fresh, radiant, and happy on the most special occasion of your lifetime.

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