Best CBD Oil Brands in the world

What is CBD?

In recent years, CBD has become something of an overnight success story. For those who are not familiar with it, CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound which is extracted from the hemp plant. Studies are still ongoing but CBD is thought to have a wide variety of benefits, such as pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD will not get you high. The high associated with recreational cannabis use is caused by a separate compound known as THC. THC is not found in any CBD product here in the UK, so people are enjoying the potential health benefits of CBD while avoiding the unnecessary “high’ that is usually associated with cannabis.

CBD can be taken multiple ways and for a variety of reasons. OIls and edibles are a popular way to introduce it to the body, while items such as cosmetics and fitness supplements are benefitting from the addition of CBD as an active ingredient.

CBD usage is growing rapidly, not only in the UK, but across the world. In the UK 6 million people have tried CBD, across a variety of demographics. In fact, studies show that even if they did not go on to become regular users, 11% of the UK’s population have now tried a product containing this hemp extract. With so many people either having tried CBD, there has been no better time to examine which are the best and most trustworthy CBD brands.

  1. Vitality CBD

Vitality CBD is one of the best known CBD brands in the country, and for good reason. Vitality CBD focuses on providing a premium product with excellent safety and quality control guarantees. Vitality CBD is based in the UK, and as such is subject to some of the strictest standards in the world, something this brand certainly revels in.

We found that Vitality CBD has a hugely impressive range when compared to their competitors. Their main range is sold in retailers like LloydsPharmacy, and Boots and includes oils and muscle rubs that are some of the most popular CBD products on the market. They also have an Active sports range, with many workout-boosting active natural ingredients. Also proving popular is their Infused range of cosmetics, which features CBD skincare products to rival some of the biggest cosmetic brands out there. The range of 12 cosmetics, includes products such as an Anti-Ageing Cream, Dry Skin Cream and an Anti-Blemish Cream.

Vitality CBD source their hemp extract from Colorado, one of the best hemp growing regions in the world. We like that all of Vitality CBD’s products are independently batch tested, so if it doesn’t meet their standards, they don’t sell it. Each product they sell comes with an individual batch tag, which when entered on their website, shows the full toxicology report from that batch of CBD. 

Their packaging comes with useful information on dosing. When we examined the packaging for one of their CBD oils, it clearly explained how you should dose, and included diagrams on how much oil you should take per pipette.

Vitality CBD’s pricing is very competitive across the market, especially considering they are marketed as one of the most upmarket CBD brands, with their CBD Oils and Sprays extremely good value. There is a huge array of products available on their site, and they even have a handy CBD quiz if you are struggling with what strength/product you would prefer.

  1. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a US based company with a focus on natural CBD and herbal products. Being based in the US they are able to grow their own hemp, perfect for their in house plant breeders and herbalists. This closeness to hemp and cannabis helps them to achieve a more unrefined CBD product.

Charlotte’s Web stock a fairly comprehensive range of CBD products, including the popular oils and edibles. Their website has handy features such as searching by flavour and scent. A range of more bespoke products feature, such as skincare.

The folks at Charlotte’s Web truly are CBD enthusiasts, with the information on their site have some useful human insights. Their range of products is fairly large, so they too have a useful quiz on their site to help new users.

Pricing is reasonable for another quality CBD brand, however they are US based, so shipping costs will be incurred on orders, and deliveries can take up to 7 days

  1. Green Roads

Another US based firm, Green Roads takes a markedly different approach to Charlotte’s Web and presents itself in a more clinical manner. This makes sense, given their founders include pharmacists interested in the remedial properties of CBD. However, we do like that they manage to keep that personal touch, having a staff favourites section on their website.

Their website is clear and easy to use and includes all the info you could possibly need on their organization. This helps when buying into something like CBD, as we’ve found that people want to use companies they can trust.

Their product range is also impressive, perhaps a little more novel than other brands but still containing popular oils, topicals and edibles. They even have a CBD coffee, which is an intriguing combination in our eyes. CBD for pets is another range that Green Roads includes, though their is much study to do in this area still, this may interest some buyers.

Being US based, their products will need to be shipped. This will unfortunately incur further charges, and longer delivery times.

  1. Lord Jones

Now this is a brand that aims for the high end of CBD products. Lord Jones proclaims they sell the world's finest CBD products, and to achieve this they use more traditional and craft focussed production methods. This is different from some other brands out there, who present themselves as more pharmaceutical; Lord Jones goes for a different approach.

Lord Jones’ product range focuses more on CBD infused products rather than the oils that prove so popular for consistent dosing. This focus does however guarantee some of the better skincare and edible CBD products out there. While they still do oils, we would be using Lord Jones for their more novel CBD products

While this boutique approach does guarantee a quality product, it does leave us with some concerns on CBD safety. There is no testing information available on their site at the time of writing, but they do have some handy guides to help in dosing.

Unfortunately Lord Jones is not currently available to purchase in the UK, but as the CBD industry continues to grow, we expect it won't be long before you order.

  1. Endoca

A Germany based CBD brand, Endoca is a friendly and pharmaceutical focussed brand which is focused on CBD’s health benefits. Founded by Henry Vincenty, the brand’s products and success are based upon his personal experiences and research around the remedial use of the hemp plant.

Endoca are perfect for those looking for a more pure CBD experience with no gimmicks. The product range focuses on easily introducing CBD to the body. This includes oils, capsules, gums and even suppositories. This scientific approach may be perfect for some, but for others it may be a little off putting.

Their product range is amongst the most expensive out there, but you do get a premium and natural hemp oil. The focus on clear dosing also helps, perfect for those looking to take high doses of CBD daily at a safe and consistent rate.

Endoca is fantastic in that it has multiple distribution centers, in Europe and the US. This means they ship easily to the UK, with free shipping available over a certain order size.

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