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Are you looking after your bone health?

Are you looking after your bone health?

By the time we reach 30 years old, our bones have reached peak bone strength. And then we tend to lose bone strength and bone density, and this is particularly rapid through the menopause. Over 50% of women will get osteoporosis, as a result…..and 20% of men too.

Most know that dietary calcium is needed to ensure that healthy bone is re-built but we also need Vitamin D too, in order to help calcium absorption. There are also other key vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, vitamin K and so on, that we all need every day to ensure our bones remain healthy and strong.

Many diet studies across the world have shown quite conclusively that the majority of older adults are  deficient in many of these key nutrients needed to support bone health, but this can be avoided by sensible supplementation.

Prime Fifty have formulated a range of metic­ulously tailored products, aimed at supporting the health and wellbeing of the over 50’s. Their highly successful ‘Strong Bones’ supplement is per­sonalised nutrition, just for the over 50s and is used by thousands of people all over the UK. Buy 30 tabs for £6.50.


Strong Bones contains:


It is scientifically proven that calcium contributes to the maintenance of bone strength and this is enhanced in the presence of vitamin D.

Vitamin D

The vast majority of people, especially over 50’s, are deficient in vitamin D and supplementation is now being recommended by all health professionals. Vit D ensures that both calcium and phosphorus, are absorbed efficiently from the gut.

Vitamin D also has other health benefits within immunity and also protection from oxidative stress, which is the onset of damage caused by free radicals to our cells, very relevant to the ageing body, where this is very common.

Vitamin K

Another ingredient used by Prime Fifty’s Strong Bones product is vitamin K. Vitamin K is now well established by good science to also contribute to the maintenance of bone strength, thereby giving Prime Fifty a double benefit to bone health, together with vitamin D.

Magnesium and Zinc

Bones are also composed of other minerals besides calcium and phosphorus. Two key minerals that are essential for bone health are magnesium and zinc, both of which have been proven scientifically to contribute to bone health and therefore Prime Fifty have also used these nutrients in their bone strength formula. These are also lacking in the average diet.

Vitamin C, Manganese and Copper

In separate studies, vitamin C has been shown to contribute to the formation of collagen, which is the protective layer between bones, whilst manganese and copper are proven scientifically to contribute to the maintenance of tendons and ligaments. As tendons and ligaments are both connected to bone, and collagen plays a key role in bone movement, Prime Fifty believes they are highly relevant ingredients to use in bone strength products, hence their inclusion.

Healthy Ageing Blend

 An additional ‘healthy ageing blend’ which is designed to give you back a selection of key nutrients, identified in studies, as key to our health, especially as we age. This includes relevant B vitamins such as B12, folic acid, chromium, iron and a nutrient which your gut better absorb all the vitamins/minerals more efficiently.helps

Strong Bones: £6.50 for 30 tabs

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