8 Weird ways to keep warm

8 Weird ways to keep warm
Brrr, it’s cold out there! Low temperatures aren’t just unpleasant, they can actually increase risk of a heart attack. Here are some surprising suggestions to keep out the chill.

1. Wear marigolds over your gloves

It might look a little silly, but this will keep your hands dry and toasty.

2. Don't wear tight shoes

Maybe your shoes are too small or perhaps you’ve over stuffed them with bulky socks to keep warm. If you don’t have enough blood circulating to your feet, they’ll only get colder. Opt for woollen socks if you’re spending time outdoors.

3. Do some house work

Is it feeling parky inside as well as out? Before you whack up the heating, get moving and create your own warmth. Vacuum cleaning, in particular, can offer a warming workout.

4. Move the sofa

Couch blocking the radiator? Don’t heat the back of the sofa—move it and heat yourself instead.

5. Get nostalgia 

According to research from Southampton University, remembering days gone by can warm the cockles of your heart.
Researchers looked at participants’ response to the cold after hearing nostalgic music and recalling events from their life. The ones who took a stroll down memory lane were better able to tolerate chilly conditions.

6. Drink plenty

If you’re dehydrated, it’s more difficult to regulate your body temperature. Make sure you glug plenty of water and, of course, a nice cup of tea is always a great winter warmer. Before you reach for the whisky, remember that booze actually lowers core temperature.

7. Get used to the cold

People who spend a lot of time outdoors can reduce the “set point” at which their body feels the cold. Experts aren’t sure why, but some think being exposed to the cold increases brown fat, which burns calories and releases the energy as heat.

8. Keep fit

People who are physically fit feel the cold less. This may be because muscle tissue generates heat. A brisk walk, jog or cycle ride in the winter air might be just the thing to warm you up. 
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