7 ways to improve your health today


14th Feb 2022 Wellbeing

7 ways to improve your health today
Humans have been searching for the fountain of youth for millenia. Average life expectancy was 29 years old in the 19th century, and is now around 73 years old.
That's an improvement of 2.5x in just a couple of centuries, which is a very short time period in the grand scheme of things.
Leading longevity scientist Dr David Sinclair proved as recently as last year that reversing the age of a cell is possible, and within a couple of decades this technology should be available to humans, allowing us to live healthy lives for an extended period of time. How long period is remains to be seen. Some researchers believe 150 is the aim, while other think we can reach 1,000 years old without any age related diseases (cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers).
When this concept is first introduced, it can see like science fiction - particularly when we're talking about therapies that are not yet available in humans. Thankfully, UK based health research organisation DoNotAge are the bridge between the research and the consumer - and they make the latest anti ageing interventions available for you to benefit from right now.
Here are 7 ways you can improve your health today:

1. Replenish your NAD

NAD is a molecule in every cell of your body. Without it you would be dead within seconds. It is responsible for over 400 processes inside your cells. By the time you hit 50, you have half of the NAD you had when you were 20, this is why you don't feel as good anymore. You can think of NAD like the "fuel" for your cells. The only issue is that NAD is a large molecule so ingesting it just gives you expensive urine. However, it is now proven that taking the direct precursor to NAD (called NMN) has multiple downstream beneficial effects on your health including better sleep, faster recovery from exercise and so much more energy! If you really want to, you can get a test kit that enables you to test your NAD levels to measure your progress.
Actions to replenish your NAD: take Pure NMN. Use NAD Test Kit if you want to track your progress.

2. Relieve your joints

The main lubricator in your joints is called hyaluronic acid. You might have heard of it being put into skin creams before as it is a very important part of the human body. It holds a lot of moisture and is used to relieve dry eye as well as improve the skin, remove wrinkles (when taken orally), make joints healthy, and even shows promise for fighting cancer. However, this is only when it is HIGH molecular weight hyaluronic acid - the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid causes inflammation.
Actions to relieve your joints: take Pure Hyaluronic Acid, you must ensure that it is high molecular weight.

3. Fix your DNA

Remember we talked about NAD earlier? It is like the fuel for anti-ageing activity. Well, there is a specific longevity gene in our bodies called SIRT6. SIRT6 is what we call NAD dependent, meaning without NAD it cannot function properly. When SIRT6 is active, we see lots of healthy activity, most importantly of all DNA repair. Scientists from multiple laboratories across the world have proven that increasing SIRT6 extends healthspan and lifespan, meaning the number of years AND the quality of life. Thankfully, one of those scientists is DoNotAge board member Professor Vera Gorbunova, who has now developed a patented ingredient called SIRT6Activator® that activates SIRT6. It is 100% natural and has already helped more than 10,000 people feel so much better.
Actions to fix your DNA: take SIRT6Activator® everyday

4. Track your biological age

Everyone knows their age. But do you know your biological age? There’s a reason (aside from freak accidents) that some people live to 120 and some people die at 60. Due to advancements in technology, you can now know your true biological age. This is how old you are on the inside. Contrary to popular belief, is actually 80% determined by epigenetics (how you live your life) rather than genetics (your inherited DNA). This means that lifestyle changes e.g. stress management, better supplements etc can change your biological age and allow you to live healthier and longer.
Actions to track your biological age: use a Biological Age Test Kit

5. Maximise your exercise

Whilst it's clear that living healthily and exercising may only bring minor life extension, exercise is FREE and helps with a wide range of longevity pathways. It seems that resistance exercise is the best for health and longevity, so ensure you incorporate some resistance training as often as you can. Remember, you don't have to lift heavy weights if you don't want to, a tin of beans is sometimes enough! We recommend using resistance bands as they are personalised based on your current performance.
Actions to maximise exercise: ensure consistency & routine, use resistance training via resistance bands, weights, or your own bodyweight.

6. Sleep better

Sleep has been studied for a very long time, so scientists have understood its importance for decades. One study, published as recently as 2022, showed that it is impossible to sleep for too long. The only danger lies in not sleeping enough. Sleep is an essential time for our bodily repair, so when it is disrupted, particularly for extended periods, our bodies suffer. Watching TV late at night, sleeping in a room where there is too much light, sleeping in a room that is too warm, and not having a night time routine can all affect sleep. Unfortunately, the sleep hormone melatonin, is another molecule that we produce less of as we age. Furthermore, taking melatonin directly leads to our body not producing its own, so that’s out of the window. There is a product called SureSleep® that has now been developed that naturally encourages your body to produce more of its own melatonin.
Actions to sleep better: wear blue light blocking glasses, ensure dark and cool room at night, try to keep a routine, take "SureSleep®" if needed.

7. Improve your memory

Protecting your brain is obviously very important. Fasting for more than 48 hours has been shown to activate something called autophagy, which is where the body gets rid of cells it no longer needs making room for new ones. If you prefer not to fast, you can take an ingredient called spermidine instead. It is a molecule found naturally in wheatgerm, and is proven to improve brain performance and reverse dementia.
Actions to improve your memory: either fast (not eat anything) for 48 or more hours (please speak to your Doctor before doing this and do not do this alone!), or alternatively you can take a product called Spermidine.

In conclusion:

Within 20 years we may have some science fiction style time machines for our bodies, but right now there are people feeling better from making easy, healthy changes using simple lifestyle changes, like using supplements that actually work. The differentiation between supplements and medicine must be made very clear – medicines are short term and intended to treat just one particular problem (often with many side effects!). Do Not Age dietary supplements however are designed to fix the upstream causes of ageing so that you have a better quality of life. They are part of your daily diet and intended for long term use to ensure you get the most benefits.
To get started on feeling happier and healthier:
    DoNotAge are a UK based longevity research organisation dedicated to extending healthy lifespan for as many people as possible. To read the science behind DoNotAge's products you can visit www.donotage.org/science
    Alternatively you can call them on 07552730139 and ask for personalised recommendations for you.
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