7 Everyday ways to strengthen your forearms


1st Jan 2015 Wellbeing

7 Everyday ways to strengthen your forearms

Modern technology means we have punier arm muscles than ever before. Here’s how to add strength without needing to go near any weights.

1. Scrub the floor on your hands and knees


You’ll clean your floors better than the mop and strengthen your arms at the same time.


2. Make your own pizza dough


The forward and backward of the rolling pin will give you a great arm and shoulder workout. The result will be tastier than a purchased pizza too.


3. Swap the mixer for a wooden spoon


Anyone who’s ever creamed butter and sugar by hand when making a cake will remember what hard work it is. Make sure you use both hands to work your arms evenly.


4. Use cast-iron cookware and store it a cupboard below oven height 


That way, you need to lift the heavy pot onto the hob each time you need it, building more muscle with every meal.


5. Dig the garden 


Using that garden fork will strengthen your hands, wrists, forearms, upper arms and shoulders.


6. Pour water from a large jug


The weight of a large jug will do wonders for your arms (four litres of water weighs more than 3.5kg). Curl your jug five times—by bending your elbow and bringing your hand to your shoulder—before pouring.


7. Do desk pushes


Place your palms against the top of your desk with your elbows bent. Then press into the desk with all your might. Hold for a count of five, release, then repeat until you feel the burn.