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6 Wacky ways to survive at work


1st Jan 2015 Wellbeing

6 Wacky ways to survive at work

Going back to work after the festive break is not something most of us look forward to, so the New Year is a good time to adopt a few creative coping strategies.

Work in short bursts 

After an hour or so of concentrated work, get up for five minutes, walk around, do some stretches. Not only will this help the quality of your work, but by the end of your day, you’ll have fitted in 30 minutes of stress-reducing exercise.


Read a poem out loud twice a day

The cadence, words and images will soothe your soul. Not into poetry? Listen to a few of your favourite songs instead.


Do a funny drawing

Seriously. When everything’s falling apart around you, grab a pencil and some paper and spend five minutes sketching the general chaos, or even a caricature of the office villain. Using another part of your brain and focusing on something outside the madness will give you a much-needed break.


Eat three Brazil nuts

That’s nuts, right? (See what I did there!) In fact, they’re an excellent source of selenium, a mineral that may help prevent depression.


Blow through one nostril

Hold one nostril closed with a finger and blow strongly out through the other (blow your nose first, though!). Why? This is a yoga movement believed to reduce stress.

Walk and talk slower

This tricks your body into thinking that things are calmer than they actually are.



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