5 ways to survive the commute

Susannah Hickling

1. Leave 10 minutes earlier than you need to

Studies find that the less sense of “time urgency”—worry about being late—you have, the less stressed you’ll feel.

2. Practise good car ergonomics

Make sure your headrest is set directly behind your head. Adjust your seat and steering wheel for maximum comfort. Check each mirror to make sure you don’t need to lean or crane your neck.

3. Learn on the go

Want to master Spanish? Now’s your chance. Put on a language-learning CD or play a downloaded course from your smartphone, and that traffic jam will be much more bearable.

4. Work out in your car

Tense and relax your leg muscles while driving. Tense your arm muscles against the resistance of the steering wheel, and tense your abdominal and chest muscles

5. Lose the race mentality 

This rarely gains you time but costs you a lot in stress. Drive calmly and never let yourself get rattled by what other drivers are doing.