5 things to avoid if you want a good night's sleep


1st Jan 2015 Wellbeing

5 things to avoid if you want a good night's sleep

Not getting enough sleep? Try cutting out these 5 things, to wake refreshed and rested


Unsurprisingly, drinking anything that contains caffeine will make it a lot harder to get to sleep. As bedtime approaches, say no to coffee, tea and cola, and check the ingredients of other fizzy drinks.

It's true that alcohol may make you fall asleep more quickly, but it's also true that it's likely to wake you up again a short while later. This is because alcohol, when consumed in more than moderate amounts, can cause excessive sweating, headaches and even nightmares.

More generally, you should aim to reduce your fluid intake as the night wears on, in order to avoid being woken by a need to visit the bathroom. 

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Avoiding an excess of high-fat foods isn't just a must for people who want to eat healthily; the likes of burgers and chips are known to upset sleep cycles as well as your scales.

Trying to sleep with a full tummy can be difficult because you're feeling uncomfortable, so don't eat a heavy meal less than four hours before bedtime. Heartburn is another cause of discomfort that can keep you awake, so give spicy food a miss late in the evening. 

Protein stimulates brain activity; so don't pick foods that are rich in it for a late night snack. Many people don't realise that chocolate contains caffeine, and the higher the cocoa content the higher the caffeine content. 



Cigarettes are bad for your health in many ways, but they have a particular impact on your ability to sleep because nicotine is a stimulant. Smoking just before bed, or as a misguided way to relax when you find you can't sleep, is going to have the opposite affect to the one you intend.

Smokers also have the added problem of sometimes waking up during the night because their bodies are suffering from nicotine withdrawal. 


While it's been proven that regular aerobic exercise can help regulate your sleep pattern, the key to success is all in the timing. Make sure you leave a gap of at least three hours between a workout and bed or your body will still be in active mode when your head hits the pillow. 

Your bedroom 

Don't overheat your bedroom. Most people will find that temperatures any higher than 24°C will be too stuffy for a restful sleep. Don't turn your bedroom into an extension of your office. It should be a place that you associate with rest and sleep, not work. 

Try not to watch TV, use your computer or play with your phone for an hour before bed. All of these screens emit blue light, which can keep you awake. 


Melissa Dream™ is a tablet that can aid sleep. The unique bioactive micronutrients and herbal extract combination contained in each tablet nourish and influence your brain, nerves and your psychological functions. The tablet contains a lemon balm extract, which helps maintain a normal sleep, L-theanine amino acid, chamomile extract, vitamin B complex and magnesium. 

If problems with sleeping persist then you should seek advice from your GP in order to rule out any medical causes.

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