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5 Exercise trends everyone's talking about

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5 Exercise trends everyone's talking about

Exercising might as well be high fashion for all the fads and trends it embraces, whether it's chugging protein shakes or running barefoot.

We've rounded up five current exercise trends that you might like to try out:

Hot Yoga

The clue is in the name with Hot Yoga, or Bikram Yoga as it's sometimes called. Devotees include celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Fearne Cotton and a class involves up to 90 minutes of fast-paced yoga moves in temperatures which can be as high as 40°C.

There's method to the madness though, with each session of Hot Yoga burning between 400 and 900 calories. Imagine the extra Twixes you could eat if you joined the Bikram Yoga club! 

Funky trainers

Granted it's not a type of workout, but you might have noticed a change in the kind of footwear you're seeing at the gym. Gone are the pristine white trainers and in their place are funky neons, bright patterns and laces so bright they could blind a man at 50 paces.

They've even sneaked into everyday fashion - you'll spot all the cool kids wearing clashing Nike and New Balance trainers with their skinny jeans. It's probably not a trend history will judge kindly, but we say embrace it while you can - exercise should be fun!

Keeping track

Fitness trackers have been around for a while but they aren't going anywhere, and with the introduction of the Apple Watch this year we think their popularity is set to explode.

Whether it's using a device like the Fitbit or a Jawbone Up, or just your smartphone, we predict it isn't long until you're tracking your fitness. By keeping tabs on how many steps you take it's much easier to calculate how many calories you've burned and also how much or how little you've done. 

Reaching your goal is a great feeling and with a fitness tracker you can do it every day - they're a great way to get motivated.

Soul Cycle 

We all know that high-intensity cycling is good for burning calories, but it can be tough to keep your mojo if you're doing it on your own in the gym.

Enter Soul Cycle, a fitness cult with studios all over the world. The 45 minute classes it offers promise to work out your mind and your body - and they burn up to 700 calories in a 45 minute workout. David Beckham is a fan, and if it's good enough for Becks, it's good enough for us!

Shake it off

Dance classes for adults have been growing in popularity since Strictly Come Dancing hit our screens more than a decade ago.

These days there are more options than ever, with ballet workouts a particular trend for 2015. Dancing is a great way to keep fit whilst having a lot of fun; so much so that it doesn't even feel like exercise sometimes! Check out your nearest dance studio to see what options they offer.

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