10 Comforting winter salads

Jacqueline Meldrum

It’s all too easy to think of salads as a light summery meal, but they’re simply too tasty to cast aside when winter grabs us in his icy grasp.

Here are 10 of my favourite comforting winter salads:

Herb roasted potato and rocket salad

Leaves take a background role in this salad. They are purely there to add a peppery kick and a punch of colour.

The baby potatoes are roasted with herbs and finished with the zing of lemon.

Find the recipe for herb roasted potato and rocket salad at Veggie Inspired

Squash and buckwheat rose harissa salad

You may not have heard of buckwheat groats before. They are the hulled seeds of the buckwheat plant and they form the perfect base for a gluten free salad.

Here they’re served mixed with roast butternut squash, spicy harissa, pomegranate seeds and herbs. The harissa is homemade, but you could use a good quality ready-made harissa too.

Find the recipe for squash and buckwheat rose harissa salad at Natural Kitchen Adventures

Courgette noodles and veggies

The courgettes in this dish are made into noodles with a spiralizer. They’re then popped into the colander just before the freshly cooked spaghetti is drained.

The hot water heats the noodles for a warm noodle salad with a tomato and vegetable sauce. Such an inspired idea.

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Conchiglioni pasta salad with sautéed mushrooms and goats’ cheese

The mushroom flavour really shines through in this simple pasta dish.

The shell pasta is coated in a light dressing of pesto and teamed with the fresh flavour of cucumber and creamy goats cheese. Simple but delicious.

Find the recipe for conchiglioni pasta salad with sautéed mushrooms and goats' cheese at Tinned Tomatoes

North African roasted winter salad

This warm, colourful salad combines bright roasted vegetables with the crunch of nuts in a lightly spiced pomegranate dressing.

Beetroot, parsnips and carrots are the base for this colourful feast.

Find the recipe for North African roasted winter salad at Food to Glow

Otsu salad

You may be mystified as to what an otsu salad is.

Otsu is a cold soba (buckwheat) noodle salad named after a city in Japan.

In this salad the noodles are served with tofu, spring onions, cucumber and fresh herb. They’re then dressed in the most wonderful soy and tamari dressing.

Find the recipe for otsu salad at Contentedness Cooking

Rocket and mozzarella farfalle salad

Bow pasta is served with rocket, peas, spring onion, sweetcorn and fresh milky mozzarella in this colourful dish.

The salad is finished with honey mustard dressing. It’s filling enough to be a served through the cold months of winter, but it tastes like spring.

Find the recipe for rocket and mozzarella farfalle salad at Tinned Tomatoes

Roasted beetroot salad with sweet potato and pear

For this jewel coloured salad, beetroot and sweet potato are roasted in the oven.

They’re then served with juicy pear, cubes of tangy feta cheese and crunchy walnuts for the perfect combination of flavours and texture.

Find the recipe for roasted beetroot salad with sweet potato and pear at Recipes from a Pantry

Black bean lentil salad with cumin lime dressing

If you’ve not tried black beans before, you really must. They are so creamy and have a great flavour.

They work really well in homemade burgers, soups, stews and salads. In this salad they are teamed with lentils, salad vegetables and fresh herbs, then tossed in a cumin lime dressing.

Find the recipe for black bean lentil salad with cumin lime dressing at The Garden Grazer

Warm pasta salad with roast vegetables and pesto vinaigrette

Another filling pasta salad, this time a warm salad full of the rich flavour of roasted vegetables, olives and chickpeas in a freshly made walnut pesto.

This is a really satisfying salad that could be served as a main evening meal. Any leftovers would be perfect for a cold lunch the next day.

Find the recipe for warm pasta salad with roast vegetables and pesto vinaigrette from Fat Free Vegan

Jacqueline Meldrum is a freelance food writer and recipe developer. Jacqueline blogs at Tinned Tomatoes.

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