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Feeling a little tired all the time?


5th Aug 2019 Health Conditions

Feeling a little tired all the time?

Maintaining energy levels through the day is more and more difficult as we age, so we need to ensure that our nutrition is healthy, as this is a major contributor to how we feel from day to day.

The majority of over 50s are failing to get the recommended amount of key vitamins and minerals from their diet alone. As many of these micronutrients are involved in our energy producing metabolism, then it’s possible that this is the reason why you may be feeling tired. Prime Fifty have formulated a range of meticulously tailored products, aimed at supporting the metabolism of the over 50’s. Their highly successful Fighting Fatigue supplement is personalised nutrition, just for the over 50s and is used by thousands of people all over the UK.

Fighting Fatigue contains:

  • All the necessary B vitamins, at the right levels, for supporting energy production and fighting fatigue
  • A set of special minerals which also are part of the energy producing metabolism
  • Additional nutrients which have been proven to help the ageing gut absorb vitamins/ minerals more effectively, together with Co-enzyme Q10
  • An additional ‘healthy ageing blend’ which is designed to give you back a selection of key nutrients, identified in studies, as key to our health, especially as we age.
  • This includes vitamin D, calcium, folate, iron and the B12 Vitamin
  • A careful selection of anti-oxidants such as selenium and vitamin E are also included to help protect against cell damage caused by the ageing process (oxidative stress)

Fighting Fatigue: £8.50 for 30 tabs


Products are UK manufactured to guarantee the very highest quality and safety.

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