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Three steps to happy summer feet

Three steps to happy summer feet

Follow these three simple tips and step into a world free from foot pain or embarrassing ailments. 

Step 1


The weather’s warming up and no doubt you’re getting your feet out—but when you’re buying sandals, make sure you choose a pair that protects your feet from pain.

A sandal that holds your heel in place and has solid adjustable straps is the way forward. And look for a lightweight sole that will cushion your feet as you walk. Cork’s a good option. 


Step 2


Prefer closed shoes for summer? To make sure you’re getting footwear that treats your tootsies well, trace around the most comfortable shoes you already own on a piece of paper and compare that against ones you’re interested in buying.

Go shoe shopping in the afternoon when your feet are likely to have swollen in the heat and prioritise comfort over your shoe size. 


Step 3


Buy leather if you can. Leather uppers allow your feet to breathe when the weather’s warm. But avoid leather soles—they slip and they’re not always very comfy for older feet. 


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