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Samuel L. Jackson tells men to "love the glove"


1st Jan 2015 Health Conditions

Samuel L. Jackson tells men to "love the glove"

When it comes to talking about cancer, actor Samuel L. Jackson hates the "strong silent type". 

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show last year, Samuel L. Jackson introduced the charity One for the Boys, of which he is chairman. The charity aims to raise awareness of male cancers and get men talking to each other about their health.

“Guys will talk about a sports injury, but they won't talk to each other about a nagging pain. Guys always think that we only get prostate cancer but guys get breast cancer and more men die in this country [the UK] than anything else. We’re trying to get men to be more aware of things and to go and get checked”.

The charity’s Love the Glove campaign set out to dispel what many men see as “the most fearful part of being checked for cancer”.

Love the Glove
Image via One for the Boys

One for the Boys asked 212 real men to volunteer for a prostate exam. The handful who said yes had their faces filmed as they received their exam. The hilarious video shows that a prostate check doesn’t have to be scary: “there’s no need to be scared of one little finger”.

This year’s One for the Boys campaign is called In the Nip of Time and is encouraging men to check themselves for breast cancer.

The charity is asking men not to be the 'strong silent type' and instead to snap a ‘nipple selfie’ to raise awareness of the importance of checking for the disease.

Many celebrities have already gotten involved including Mark Ruffalo and Samuel L Jackson himself.

You can watch the 2015 campaign video below:


Feature images via One for the Boys


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