Is Dementia in young people possible?

Many possible causes of dementia-like symptoms

Risk factors for early onset dementia

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Preventing dementia

Regardless of age, there are a number of important lifestyle improvements that everybody can make, which help to reduce the risk of dementia at any age. Maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, drinking moderately, taking exercise, staying mentally active and spending quality time with family and friends who make you feel good can all significantly improve quality of life as well as lessen your chances of developing dementia as the years go on. Why not start making some positive changes to your life and start enjoying the benefits of a healthier regime?

Although younger people can and sadly do develop dementia, thankfully the numbers that do so are relatively small. Younger people who suffer from dementia like symptoms are far more likely to be suffering from something less serious. Adopting a healthy lifestyle not only helps to minimise the risk of developing dementia, it also plays a key role in preventing many other chronic diseases, as well as enabling people to enjoy a better quality of life.