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Investing in AI to fight Corneal Blindness


6th May 2020 Health Conditions

London entrepreneur Tej Kohli is in charge of a foundation that works to improve and solve humanitarian crisis throughout the globe. The biggest goal the foundation has is to develop a cure for corneal blindness, and the goal is to have this cure completed within the next decade or two. Recently, Kohli’s institute donated $14 million to fund this effort to cure blindness.

He also contributes a lot of time, money and resources to artificial intelligence, and projects that industry will be worth trillions of dollars in the very near future. Kohil’s interest in artificial intelligence is one of the reasons he was recently awarded the Indian Institute of Technology’s Distinguished Alumnus Award.


Kohli is based in London, and aggressively works globally to improve health for all classes of people. Actually, Kohli is one of the few people who has an enterprise that expands the entire world.

Team Approach to Curing Blindness

Working with his wife, Kohli’s teams work diligently to cure corneal blindness. The Kohlis teamed up together to create this non-profit foundation, which has proved to be very successful. If Tej Kohli retired tomorrow, his legacy and impact on the world would be remembered forever without ever accomplishing anything else in his life.

Since most of his philanthropy is geared towards finding the cure for corneal blindness, that is where his teams spend most of their time and money. His goal is to allocate as many resources as possible in hopes of finding that cure as quickly as possible.

Curing blindness is seen as a way to improve the standard of living across the world, as many people who have corneal blindness live in underdeveloped countries. Giving people their sight could go a long way towards improving entire countries.

Training the Next Generation

Mentoring young entrepreneurs is something else that is important to Kohli. Many of his students have created their own very successful business. Kohli Ventures, which he founded, leads his entrepreneur endeavors. He is primarily interested in developing young talent in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.

He has identified artificial intelligence as a key cog in the wheel of improving global affairs. While he does imagine his investments turning profitable in a short time period, he is also invested in computer intelligence because he is certain it will have a profound impact on the world.

All of Kohli’s interests are joined together with an overall goal of improving global matters, and helping some of the poorer countries in the world get better medical care and have an improved quality of life.

At Home in London

When Tej Kohli is not traveling the globe pursuing his professional, he is home in London with his wife and two teenagers. He does also enjoy ballroom dancing when he has the time, and he is a car enthusiast. Kohli has deep ties to London, and it is home base. His children go to school there, and he is actively involved in the community.

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