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How to treat urinary tract infections

How to treat urinary tract infections
For women, that burning sensation when you urinate usually means one thing–a urinary tract infection (UTI). 1 in 5 women suffer at least one such infection—commonly known as cystitis—at least once a year, while men suffer UTIs less frequently.
If you're prescribed antibiotics, be sure to finish the course. Meanwhile, drink cranberry juice—it really works—and follow the following advice to shorten the infection and ease the pain.

Natural remedies

  • When the urine is alkaline
  • Goldenseal is a natural weapon
  • Ease the sting with a sitz bath.

Healing teas

  • Make a cup of garlic tea.
  • To help your immune system fight the infection
  • Make a tea of lovage
  • Try drinking nettle tea.
  • Buchu is a traditional remedy
  • Parsley has natural diuretic properties

Cold drinks

Severe infections

See a doctor if you have any symptoms of cystitis—running to the toilet every 10 minutes and an excruciating burning sensation when you urinate—that persist after 24 to 36 hours of home treatment.
You also need to see the doctor if the burning sensation is accompanied by a vaginal or penile discharge; if the symptoms are accompanied by back pain, shivering or a temperature; or if there is blood in your urine.
Also see a doctor if you get recurrent attacks of cystitis even after taking preventive measures, or if you are pregnant.
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