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How To Take Care Of Your Scalp And Hair

How To Take Care Of Your Scalp And Hair
People often face problems with their scalp. Some people experience dryness, dandruff, itchiness, oily scalp, etc. The difficulties come in every form and shape. People with scalp issues can benefit from a consultation with a professional dermatologist. 
The London Dermatology Centre often deals with scalp condition problems and consults with many patients about how to take care of their scalp.
Just because your scalp skin hides behind your hair, doesn't mean it's not skin. So how do you keep your scalp healthy? You might go off to buy an expensive shampoo. Or you might think about getting an oil treatment. Whatever your favorite YouTube channels and blogs advise you, you will do it. Yes, some of them have good content and helpful advice, but wouldn't you sooner consult with a professional?  Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and start treating your scalp.
Within a general consultation about scalp and hair care, here's what we'll advise:

5 Elements of a healthy scalp

You need to maintain the perfect condition of 5 elements of a healthy scalp. These are:
  • Moisture and Oils
  • PH balance
  • Cleanliness
  • Circulation
  • Protection
Once these elements are in balance, you will feel the improvement of your scalp. But the balance comes at a price. You need to take care of your scalp constantly. You will have to change your habits and behavior. You might want to overlook your diet and medication that you take.

Keeping a healthy scalp

1. Balance moisture and oils

Your scalp produces natural oils. They are essential for keeping the skin moisturized and healthy. If we strip the scalp away from these oils, it becomes dry and damaged. That's why we don't advise to wash hair more than two or three times a week. Washing too hard and too often can result in losing natural oils. And you might have to switch to adding some oil by yourself.
Add Omega 3 to your diet. Eat a lot of salmon and chia seeds. If you are not up to eating fish or adding chia seeds to your meals, you can add food supplements that contain fish fat and omega 3.
Use aloe vera gel from time to time. It can help your scalp keep the natural feeling. It will help you get rid of dandruff and dryness.

2. Control the PH balance

Our bodies are all about keeping healthy PH balance. A healthy scalp should have PH levels somewhere between 4 -5. PH balance will keep the bacteria and fungus away. It tightens the pores and makes hair stronger. Imbalanced PH levels can damage hair and let it fall easily.
Stay away from harsh shampoos (alkali products). Keep your diet healthy and full of vitamins. Don't use drastic hair products and consult with a professional to check the PH balance.

3. Keep the scalp clean

It's obvious that you have to keep your scalp clean. Washing the hair is beneficial for esthetical and biological reasons. You won't be known as a smelly and oily person, plus you will have a healthy scalp.
Washing your hair with warm water every now and then is essential to keep the scalp healthy. Dermatologists advise washing the hair no more than 2-3 times a week in Summers, and 1-2 times a week in Winters. It will prevent the bacteria and fungus spreading all over the head. It will also help you get rid of the natural oils and smell that oils produce.
To keep the scalp clean, follow the rules of washing the hair. Use tea tree oil every now and then. It makes the magic happen. Avoid using hair products with silicone and mineral oil.

4. Take care of the circulation

It's not news when we say that blood circulation affects your scalp health. Blood circulation is what helps us to exist, move, and experience life. Blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutritional value to your scalp. Your hair follicles depend on the perfect blood circulation. Without it, nutrients and oxygen won't pass to the scalp, and its' healthy condition might be in doubt.
Have you ever owned a room plant? Have you ever forgotten to water it or fertilize it? The results are drastic and damaging. Think about blood circulation as watering and fertilizing the plant. It's essential!
Use essential oils to help your blood circulate better. Don't forget about scalp massages. You can massage your scalp while you are washing your head, or use essential oils and take a minute or two off your time. Use smooth and nice circle motions and don't push too hard. And if you have some extra time on your hands, take up yoga.

5. Protect your scalp

Protection is the final element. If you balance all the elements, you'll be able to walk around with a healthy scalp. But balancing them only one time won't do the thing. You need to protect your scalp constantly. It means repeating earlier steps over and over again. You will also need to protect your scalp from UV radiation, intense temperature, and strong chemicals. Because, if you damage your scalp, it will affect the hair growth and its' condition.
Try to keep these elements balanced and continue using this advice. Your scalp health is as important as other conditions. Remember to keep the balance and everything will be fine.
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