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How to cure any kind of headache

How to cure any kind of headache

Struck down with a migraine? Or is that throbbing just a hangover? Identify what kind of headache is ruining your day.

Tension headache

The most common type of headache, these are often described as a constant band-like pressure around the head.

Tension headaches can be brought on by stress, fumes or dehydration. Taking ordinary painkillers and keeping hydrated should help.



Migraines can feel like a throbbing pain on the side of your head, potentially accompanied by vomiting, flashes of light and a tingling or numbness moving across your body.

Stress, or even chocolate, may be to blame. Most people find relief by resting in a dark, quiet room. 



This headache goes hand in hand with a fluey cold. It will feel tender at the top of the nose.

Simple steam inhalations can often help.


Cluster headache

These are recurring attacks of extreme pain around one eye, lasting for around 90 minutes and are often triggered by smoking and drinking.

Painkillers work slowly—it’s best to seek a doctor’s advice. 


When to worry:

When there are other symptoms, a headache could signal a more serious problem requiring immediate medical attention:

Subarachnoid haemorrhage: Like being hit on the head with a hammer, stiff neck and possible loss of consciousness. 

Meningitis: A severe headache, fever, a rash, neck stiffness, irritability or varying levels of consciousness.

Raised intercranial pressure: A bad headache that’s worse when bending forward or coughing, problems with speaking or writing, difficulty moving limbs.