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How to control your food cravings

How to control your food cravings

Many of us crave food when we’re not hungry—but there are ways of keeping those hankerings at bay.

Focus and fibre

Eschew the white stuff (such as bread and pasta) for wholemeal versions.

A trial reported in Diabetes Care found that eating a high-fibre diet decreased the amount of sugar in the blood after meals, preventing the blood-sugar crashes that have you racing to eat more.


Sprinkle with cinnamon

One study found that just a quarter-teaspoon of this naturally sweet spice reduced blood-sugar levels by up to 20 per cent.

Try it sprinkled over your porridge in the morning, or enjoy a mid-afternoon cinnamon tea.


Up your essential fat intake

Heart-healthy sources of fats—such as oily fish, avocados and nuts—fill you up and keep you sated, thus staving off the desire to snack.

Mash some avocado on wholemeal toast for a quick lunch.


Drink up

It’s easy to confuse hunger pangs with the your body’s desire for water. A good tip is to drink a glass of still water, wait 15 minutes, and see if you still feel the need to eat.


Pair with protein

Protein takes a long time to digest, which means that when you pair it with a good source of carbohydrate, you’ll remain satiated.

With this in mind, if you simply can’t do without a snack, opt for a piece of fresh fruit with some protein-rich nuts.


Add a dash of vinegar

Several studies have shown that vinegar slows stomach emptying, keeping you full for longer. Make sure you choose a low-sugar option, such as apple cider vinegar, and drizzle over your dishes.


Listen to some music

We often feel compelled to eat when we’re bored. An easy way to conquer this is to stimulate your other senses.

Look at some beautiful paintings, listen to your favourite song or get your hands busy making something (though preferably not a cake!).


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