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Health tips from around the world


1st Jan 2015 Health Conditions

Health tips from around the world

Our rates of obesity are increasing worldwide, but some nations have tried- and-tested ways of eating, relaxing and exercising that keep them well. Here are some health tips from across the globe:



Eating dinner in France

Eating at set times with family so you’ll enjoy your food is the French way. They have fewer issues with obesity than us, yet their diet consists of real butter, cream, and other artery-clogging foods.

Bolting your food in front of the television just encourages over-eating. Be chic—enjoy your food, like they do in France.



Icelandic Puffin eating fish

Our Icelandic friends eat a lot of omega-3-rich fish and their levels of seasonal affective disorder, known as the winter blues, are lower than average. They also beat us in the Eurovision each year! Cutting down on red meat is a good way to help prevent heart disease.


A Mediterranean diet 

Mediterranean Olives

It’s known world over as one of the healthiest. In the Med they eat all food groups in moderation, with plenty of olive oil. 


The Netherlands

Bikes in the Netherlands

For most of us exercise is a chore, but the Dutch exercise every day when they cycle to work. It’s not always practical to get on your bike here, but if you walk and cycle as much as you can, you will feel the benefits. 



Seasonal, fresh produce makes up a big part of what Italians eat each day. By eating fresh they pack in maximum vitamins and taste.

Out-of-season supermarket fruit and veg may have travelled the globe before you pick it up. Buy from markets when you can, or choose in-season produce.



Communication is key to sharing problems. It lowers blood pressure and boosts your sex life. The Irish can talk, and talk well. Plus, there’s plenty of iron in Guinness!



Indian curry

Indian food is very popular in the UK. Good, then, that it’s packed with spices that have health benefits. Researchers have found chemicals that prevent Alzheimers in turmeric, and chilli peppers aid weight loss because they speed up your metabolism.



A sleepy Spanish town

Take an afternoon siesta for more brainpower. A six-year-long study indicated that a 30-minute power nap taken three times a week lessened your risk of heart disease by 37%.


Make the change

We can learn a lot if we scrutinise diet and health habits from around the world. Not only will your health improve as a result, it’ll remind you of some amazing holidays you’ve had and maybe even inspire you to take a trip.

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