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Finding freedom and confidence for colostomates


19th Feb 2019 Health Conditions

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Over the years, we’ve all encountered challenges that we never thought we would, whether these are relatively minor or hold the potential to be life-changing, they all disrupt our routine in their wake.

The incredibly moving and inspiring story shared here by Vicki is a demonstration of how it is possible to get through the challenges life throws at us, regain strength and happiness, and reclaim our freedom.

Vicki hopes that sharing her story can help other colostomates find their freedom too. Watch Vicki’s journey in the animation below.

When Vicki was diagnosed with cancer, she not only had to mentally prepare for surgery, but also had to come to terms with the prospect of living with a colostomy pouch. Her shock at having cancer was paired with her fear of having her full and busy life restricted—so much so, that she even considered not going through with the lifesaving operation.

She initially struggled to adjust to living as a colostomate, especially when she arrived home after her operation and no longer had her stoma nurse to help her change her pouch.

This all changed when she discovered a different kind of colostomy pouch. This colostomy pouch was flushable, meaning it could be flushed away in the toilet, allowing Vicki to continue with her active and social life as well as giving her the freedom to travel and see the world. 

“When you wear a colostomy pouch it does fill up and need changing. Usually I’d have to wrap the used pouch up in a plastic bag and find somewhere to dispose of it. With a flushable pouch you can just take it off and flush away the inner liner and flange”, says Vicki. The way her new pouch works gives Vicki freedom and allows her to indulge her love of travelling and socialising with comfort and ease. It has been a critical point in her process of accepting her diagnosis. Now, Vicki and her husband have every reason to look forward to a vibrant future. 


Vicki explains, “Aura Flushables are brilliant. They enable me to do all that I want to do these days—all the things I could do before I had a colostomy.” She continues, “Life with a colostomy doesn’t have to be sitting at home, not going anywhere, not visiting people. The flushable pouches give you the freedom to be you again.”

To see Vicki’s full story, or to hear more stories told by colostomates like Vicki,
visit flushablefreedom.co.uk

For more information about Aura Flushable, or to order your free sample:
our website
Call the Freephone Careline on 0808 301 3255
Email info@clinimed.co.uk 

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