Brain-training answers

Here are the answers to the brain-strengthening tests. If you haven't had a go at the challenges and you'd like to, click here before scrolling down.


Reasoning test 1

1. Your grandchildren are racing in the back garden. What was the outcome of the race?

1st Melanie, 2nd Patrick, 3rd Jimmy, 4th Cathy

2. Your grandchildren are measuring their heights. What is their order of height from tallest to shortest?
1st (tallest) Lucy, 2nd Tom, 3rd Sally, 4th Amber

3. Your grandchildren are comparing their allowances. What is their order from highest allowance to least?

1st Kate (highest), 2nd Joe, 3rd Henry

4. Your Grandchildren are comparing grades. What is their order from highest grade to lowest grade? 
1st Marie (highest), 2nd Neil, 3rd Henry

5. Your grandchildren are comparing how many toys they have. What is their order from most toys to least?
1st Robert (most), 2nd Olivia, 3rd Tamra, 4th Louie

6. Your grandchildren are playing a board game. In what order did they come in the game and with how many points?
1st Vivian 44 pts, 2nd Eva 36 pts, 3rd William 32 pts


Reasoning test 2

Use the process of elimination to find the right answer

1. Can you determine which grandchild picked out which pet?

  • Billy – Dog
  • Sally – Cat
  • Cathy – Gerbil
  • John – Fish

2. Can you determine which friend picked which fruit?

  • Irma – Banana
  • Betty – Grapes
  • Ralph – Orange
  • Jim – Apple


Memory test

Can you figure out the well-known phrase?

A dime a dozen
A piece of cake
An arm and a leg
It’s all Greek to me
Back to the drawing board
Beat around the bush
Between a rock and a hard place
Break the ice
Burst your bubble
Close but no cigar
Cut to the chase
Down for the count
Down to the wire
Dropping like flies
Easy as pie
Elephant in the room


How's your attention?

There are 72 Us


Executive functioning

Message: When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane


How did you do?

No matter what you scored you should have a sense of how you feel you did. Did it take you a long time? How accurate were your answers? Did you enjoy the challenges? 

If you found the puzzles easy then it's important to seek ones that really do challenge you, we looking for a work out here after all!

These puzzles came from Keep Your Brain Stronger for Longer, by Tonia Vojtkovsky, a psychologist and brain health specialist. They are designed to test your reasoning, attention and memory skills as well as your executive functioning, which means your ability to organise and decipher information.

Vojkovsky's prescription: "In order for cognitive exercise to really make a difference in your brain health, it must become a regular part of your life. I would suggest a minimum of 3 hours per week of challenging cognitive exercises. It sounds daunting, but cognitive exercise can include anything from checking out your local bingo hall or attempting the cryptic crossword for once. Split the time up into shorter segments, but every little helps!"

You can read an interview with Tonia Vojkovsky here.

Keep Your Brain Stronger For Longer Book Jacket
Keep Your Brain Strong for Longer by Tonia Vojkofsky is published by Short Books, £9.99