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6 Healthy food swaps to satisfy your cravings

6 Healthy food swaps to satisfy your cravings

To cut calories, swap summertime classics for fab foods—and drinks—containing less fat. Beat your cravings with these delicious alternatives to unhealthy sugars and fats. 

1. Swap creamy coleslaw for vinaigrette coleslaw

coleslaw swap

Steer clear of heavy dressings that weigh down this otherwise healthy salad.

Instead, make your own using olive oil and vinegar. For added creaminess, stir in plain yogurt.



2. Swap ice cream for sorbet 

ice cream sorbet swap

Full-fat ice cream is hard to resist, but crushing cravings is easy if there’s a good substitute. Sorbet is a fruity and light alternative.

Blend and freeze your own in your favourite flavours.



3. Swap pina colada for mojito

colda vs mojito

Creamy cocktails are big calorie culprits, so it’s best to choose wisely.

Mojitos are a lighter choice with rum, lime, fresh mint and soda water over lots of ice.



4. Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate


If your body is craving some milk chocolate, it probably really wants some magnesium. Chocolate works on our endorphins, making us feel good, but it also contains magnesium which makes our blood vessels relax and provides us with energy.

Next time you have a chocolate craving, reach for some dark chocolate instead. This contains the magnesium your body is craving, without the added sugar hit of milk chocolate.  



5. Swap hard candy for frozen grapes

candy and grapes

Instead of sucking on sugary hard boiled sweets which are bad for your teeth try freezing a bunch of grapes. It might sound odd, but each one is like a tiny tasty ice lolly.

Be sure to freeze them in a sealed plastic bag so that they don't dry out. 



6. Swap butter for avocado

butter versus avocado

This healthy fat can be used in sandwiches as a replacement for butter or mayonnaise and even works as a replacement for butter in cooking.

This chocolate cake, for example, uses avocado as a delicious fat substitute, making the cake both healthier and vegan-friendly. 


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