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5 Surprising ways to get rid of chronic neck pain


30th Sep 2021 Health Conditions

5 Surprising ways to get rid of chronic neck pain
Usually, people living in chronic pain opt for commonly known treatments to cure it, such as ice or heating pads, painkillers, etc.
Instead of going through some trial and error to find the perfect combination of neck pain treatment, you can try these surprising, unconventional ways to relieve your neck pain.

1. Water pillow

One of the most common complaints among neck pain victims is that they can’t have a good night’s sleep without waking up in the morning with more pain because of a pillow that doesn’t suit them. A wrong kind of pillow can also be the cause of neck pain in the first place.
While you cannot go out and buy hundreds of different pillows to test which one will keep you comfortably asleep at night, what you can do is get a water pillow. The firmness of a water pillow can be adjusted by reducing or increasing the amount of water.

2. Neck supporting chair

As you hunch forward on a desk while working in the office or reading a book, your spine goes through additional stress. You realise it when it becomes habitual and symptoms of neck pain begin to unveil.
A neck supporting chair can help you maintain a good posture by keeping your spine in a neutral position and eliminating the chances of pain.

3. Gua Sha

If you are not familiar with the term, Gu Sha is a traditional Chinese method to improve blood circulation in the body and reduce pain. In Gua Sha, a trained and experienced practitioner uses a spoon to apply strokes on the painful area of the body - mainly the areas where blood is not being circulated.
Although there is no scientific evidence that supports the Gua Sha method for neck pain treatment, some people have reported to have benefited from the treatment. In our opinion, it’s worth a shot.

4. Swimming and water therapy

A low-impact exercise like swimming has helped a lot of people with their neck and back pains. Being in the water adds upthrust in the body, resulting in less stress on the spine. After consulting with a doctor, you would know what strokes could be beneficial for you.
If swimming is too demanding, you could opt for water therapy, a great way to relax and reduce body stress.

5. Journalizing

One thing is sure: chronic pain is not easy to live with. Constant stress and tiresome feeling can exhaust anyone in any hour of the day. What can help keep these feelings in check is journalizing.
Some evidence indicates that people who regularly express their emotions find it easier to manage things throughout the day because it helps reduce stress and improve cognition.
Writing your thoughts and triggers in a journal or voice-recording yourself wouldn’t let you build unexpressed feelings inside you and will help you keep stress at bay. This method will also allow you to reflect back on your thoughts anytime and get to know things that trigger your neck pain better, such as some physical activities or specific foods.
Although these methods are unconventional, they are applied by a lot of neck pain victims, and results were positive.
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