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10 things you didn’t know about hearing aids

10 things you didn’t know about hearing aids

Hearing aid technology and services have seen huge changes in the last few years. These facts about your hearing, hearing loss, and the solutions available, might take you by surprise. 

1. Never buy hearing aids online

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The internet has taken over many services that we once relied on humans to provide.

We can now get prescriptions, chat to people on the other side of the world and order anything and everything online.

When it comes to a hearing aid, however, it’s always best to have a hearing assessment and purchase your hearing aid from a qualified audiologist.

Although they can be a hefty financial investment, you will be investing in a clearer hearing experience.


2. Hearing aids do more than amplify sounds

In the past, hearing aids would amplify all sounds to make them louder for the user.

Nowadays new technology uses directional microphones to allow you to pinpoint the sound you want to hear—helping you in noisier situations.


3. There’s a hearing aid to suit everyone’s lifestyles

With smaller, lightweight devices containing powerful technology at hand, it's easier than ever before to find a hearing aid to suit your lifestyle and budget.

You can now even buy water-resistant/waterproof hearing aids.


4. Stay connected


Some hearing aids can now connect you to compatible home telephones, TVs and even mobile phones, ensuring you never miss a beat.


5. Two hearing aids are better than one

You have two eyes and two ears so it only makes sense to have two hearing aids.

Two devices will provide you with an even fuller hearing experience


6. Did you know…?

…The three tiniest bones in your body are three of the bones that make up our ears?


7. Hearing loss isn't only a problem for the older generation

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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), an increasing number of people are suffering from hearing loss at a young age.

It has been suggested by WHO that 1.1 billion teenagers and younger adults are at risk of developing hearing loss due to the increased use of smartphones and exposure to loud music.


8. Different people have different wax

Did you know that some people have a different wax type from others? In some cases, it can depend on where in the world you come from.

Those who are from China, Japan, Korea are thought to have different earwax compared to those who are from America, for example.


9. Hearing aids are now practically invisible

Gone are the days when hearing aids were known as “big, beige bananas”.

Today’s technology means that hearing aids are now smaller and more powerful than ever.

Some hearing aids are invisible once they are in the ear, meaning you don’t have to tell anyone about your hearing loss unless you want to.


10. Hearing aids also help tinnitus

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There is evidence that suggests hearing aids can help reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

By masking the internal noise (buzzing/whistling) with the sounds around you, tinnitus can be relieved.

Although using external sounds to mask tinnitus is not a new concept (using specialist sound machines, for example), there are now more hearing aids available which also have tinnitus therapy technology built in.

This makes them a perfect choice for those who experience both tinnitus and hearing loss.


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