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Why do gamblers become so addicted to slots?


10th May 2021 Games & Puzzles

Why do gamblers become so addicted to slots?

If you go to one of the British casinos at night, you will find it filled with bright lights.

Crowded with players of all nationalities, backgrounds, and ages. Slots fascinate players, and if you talked to anyone, likely, he won’t reply! Also, these casinos have exhilarating music that adds more fun and to the gameplay. However, one thing that not everyone seems to care about is how much money they spend on slots!

New Study About Slots Attraction

A new study published in April 2021 examines the reasons for the slot games attraction; Surprisingly, these reasons were not related to money in particular! For example, one of the reasons for these games’ attraction is the social aspect, as sitting at a poker table or craps and showing off skills to competitors is a feeling that all players look for.

Also, hitting the rare winning combination on a slot machine makes the player feel a special pleasure. Therefore, if this is the motive for gambling then it wouldn't hurt at all!

But if the player believes that he will win the jackpot one day and betting every day to get it. He will turn into an addict! This is because the house always wins! This basic rule applies to all gambling games. So, if you planned to win in the long run, you should own a casino!

Others, however, do not focus on money, but only improve their mood and escape from work and family pressures. Another reason researchers always overlook is the way casinos present these games is so appealing. Also, it makes people forget about their time and spending.

For example, if you enter any UK online casino guide https://justuk.club/, you will find slots games that have the lion's share of the casino games library! These games are presented in many themes, and their players get a wide range of bonuses on almost every occasion. Therefore, it is difficult for players to bypass them!

Slot’s Gameplay Can Cause Addiction!

The most recent research by Mike J Dickson concluded that many people are overly attracted to slots due to their attractive graphics and sound effects. Dickson believes that slots games provide instant fun without the need to use mental skills. Unlike lotto games, which need a long term to determine the winners, also unlike table games that require the ability to make the right decision at the right time. Slots games contain attractive and high-tech music and graphics.

Dickson and other researchers describe the phenomenon of gambling as overly appealing as "passive flow". A condition that occurs as a result of the combined effect of depressive and enhanced mental state that playing cause.

Moreover, the results of slots are very volatile. For example, the low-value bet can make very high wins and vice versa as well! Thus, players are completely immersed while playing slots and they focus on hitting the winning combination only! A situation like this occurs a lot in everyday life.

Although indulging occurs naturally in many daily activities, indulging in slots often leads to bad results, especially when it comes to wasting time and money. As previously mentioned, slots games may be for many players an escape from depression and the pressures of daily life.

At the end of the study, the researchers suggested some alternatives to get the same level of pleasure without running into problems. For example, a player can visit friends and family, watch sports matches, or learn a mind game. In short, Gambling may be fun, but when betting with limited values!

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