Cheesy dad jokes

Cheesy dad jokes
A list of some funny dad jokes
Ah yes, it's that time, the time of the dad joke has arrived, though does it ever really go out of style? Everyone loves a good dad.... Well we'd say dads do at least and while they may be pretty corny, you can surely appreciate the persistence of the dad joke, so here are a few for you to sink your teeth into.
We'll also be giving each joke a cheese rating out of 10, for fun.
1. 'Why did the boy bring a ladder on the bus?'
He wanted to go to high school.
6/10 for the cheesy simplicity.
- seen on the internet
2. 'What did one plate say to another?'
Tonight, dinner's on me.
7/10 - a classic dad joke.
- seen on the internet
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3. 'What do you call a cheese that isn't yours?'
Nacho cheese!
10/10 - cheese related, perfect.
- seen on the internet
4. 'What do dogs and phones both have in common?'
They both have collar ID.
7/10 - some fun word play here, we approve.
- seen on the internet
5. 'Why don't they play pokers in the jungle?'
Too many cheetahs.
6/10 - simple but effective.
- seen on the internet
Owl laughing
6. 'What type of music do planets enjoy?'
8/10 - wordplay and a music reference dads would get, brilliant.
- seen on the internet
7. 'What does an evil hen lay?'
Deviled eggs.
6/10 - it's a fun one, to its credit you may not have heard it before.
- seen on the internet
8. 'Why did the scarecrow win an award?'
It was outstanding in its field.
8/10 - we really like this one, it's oustanding.
- seen on the internet
Monkey smiling
9. 'Why did the frog take the bus to work?'
His car got toad!
6/10 - frogs, toads, it just works.
- seen on the internet
10. 'Why did the watch go on vacation?'
To unwind.
7/10 - the set up and punch line classic dad joke form, great stuff.
- seen on the internet
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