Win a Heat Tens pain reliever worth £128.99

Reader’s Digest has teamed up with OMRON Healthcare, the global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment forhome and professional use to give our readers the chance to win a HeatTens Pain Reliever.

As the population’s average lifespan continues to increase, so is the prevalence of chronic pain. We all experience pain, and no matter what your age, lifestyle or fitness level, it may be time to stop letting pain affect your everyday life, with HeatTens by OMRON.

It can be said that we strive to appear happy on our social media feeds, with the reality of negatives such as pain being unshared.

In fact, according to research from Imperial College London, almost half of all UK adults – 28 million of us - are living with chronic pain

Well perhaps it’s time to not let pain affect your everyday life with HeatTens.

Throughout its 85-year history, OMRON Healthcare has been striving to improve lives by developing innovative products that help people prevent, treat and manage to use for symptomatic pain relief including joint pain and muscle pain.


1. Block the pain message

2. Trigger the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killer)

3. Improve blood circulation

Using the combination of two complementary therapies HEAT and TENS technology, the HeatTens can help relieve different types of muscle and joint pain. With the powerful combination of soothing heat and TENS technology, HeatTens reduces and relieves muscle and joint pain, plus stiffness and numbness in the back, arms, legs, shoulders and feet. The triple-action TENS Technology (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) increases metabolic activity, relaxes the muscles and soothes pain. HeatTens also triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever, and improves blood circulation.

Tired legs or feet after a 5km parkrun? Feeling numb after a lengthy workout session? Or perhaps day-to-day movements are causing pain in your back or muscles? HeatTens will apply electrical nerve stimulation to the surface of the skin near the site of the pain enabling it to perform as your at-home drug-free pain reliever.

To be in with a chance to win a HeatTens from OMRON, all you need to do is answer the question below.

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