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Non Gamstop Casinos— Discover safe foreign gambling sites

Non Gamstop Casinos— Discover safe foreign gambling sites
Problem gambling has recently made UK News again. Per a YouGov survey conducted in 2020, there are 1.4 million Brits that have a compulsion towards playing games of chance and betting on sports. If you fancy some foreign gambling, make sure you do it safely and securely
The Health and Social Care Information Centre claims that this number is lower, with England having around 280,000 problem gamblers with 56% of English residents partaking in this pastime.
Whatever the accurate figure is, the recent attention this addiction has gotten caused the UKGC to implement stricter measures regarding online casino play. Thus, this caused many to seek out a non GamStop casino or gambling sites that operate outside UK borders.
What follows below is a deep dive into these platforms and explain why sites not on GamStop may be worth a look.

How the UKGC & GamStop Tie in Together

The Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the UK’s national gambling regulatory body. It oversees all activities related to wagering in the UK, except for spread betting. It got founded in 2005 with the passing of the Gambling Act, but it took two years before it replaced the Gaming Board for Great Britain as the country’s gambling regulator.
In 2013, it began overseeing the National Lottery, and it is the sole entity that licenses and watches over online casinos in the UK. The UKGC has a reputation as a stern regulator, which implements spin timers, lower max bet limits, and removes the auto-play option from slots. These elements are commonplace at non UK casinos.
Furthermore, since March 31st, all UKGC-licensed casinos must participate in the mandatory self-exclusion scheme called GamStop. It is a network that ties all UKGC-approved platforms together, and if a player self-excludes from one site in this system, he automatically becomes ineligible to play at all of them.
GamStop self-exclusion can last six months, one or five years. Once activated, it cannot get canceled. Players must wait for their chosen self-exclusion period to pass before requesting reactivation of their accounts at UKGC-licensed gambling sites.

How Non UK Casinos Operate

A non UK casino gets run by an operator located in another country, but it still may accept UK players. These are platforms with international gaming licenses from regulators in countries like Malta, Panama, Costa Rica, and Curacao. Most of these overseeing organisations have been active longer than the UKGC has been around.
Curacao eGaming got founded in 1996 when the online gambling sphere was still in its inception. Thus, foreign regulators are credible, but they are no doubt more lax in the restrictions that they apply.
Gambling sites not on GamStop allow for more gameplay freedom, as they still incorporate auto and turbo-play functions. They feature more sizeable welcome bonuses, bountiful loyalty programs, a vaster array of payment methods on offer, and games unavailable to the UK market. You can find out more at non-gamstop-casinos.com.
All that said, only players that can practice proper impulse control should look to play non GamStop slots. These platforms are not a way to circumvent activated self-exclusion at a UK casino.

Is it Legal to Play at Gambling Sites Not on GamStop?

As mentioned, per the Gambling Act of 2005, only UKGC-licensed operators can offer gambling services to UK residents. However, that does not stop some foreign brands from opening their doors and accepting UK players.
Users are free to seek out whatever service most appeals to them, as authorities do not bother prosecuting individual players who choose to do so. In the case of any legal liability, the burden falls on the platform that makes its services available to Brits.
Many offshore brands have no qualms about advertising to the UK market. They know that it is unlikely that they will face any legal consequences for doing so, as most view online casino selection as a matter of personal freedom. Again, playing at sites not on GamStop should never be seen as a way to bypass self-exclusion activated at GamStop casinos.
These sites are not a loophole for players with legitimate gambling issues to keep feeding their addiction. Those who suffer from such problems should contact an organisation such as GamCare or BeGambleAware for help.

Should You Try Sites Not on GamStop?

The choice entirely rests with the player. The UKGC offers player protection that is rarely available elsewhere. Meaning, it has a firm grip on operators, making sure that they follow its rules, do not engage in shady practices, and do not stimulate the rise of problem gambling. Naturally, all this comes at a price, which is that UKGC’s measures take some of the fun out of playing games of chance online.

Pros of Using Betting Sites Not on GamStop

The advantages of using betting sites not on GamStop include:
  • Games from providers unavailable in the UK market.
  • Access to a varied selection of payment methods.
  • Unique VIP programs.
  • Fewer gameplay restrictions
  • The ability to wager on niche sports markets.

Cons of Playing at a Non UK Casino

The disadvantages of using non GamStop casinos are:
  • These platforms may get used by problem gamblers to bypass GamStop self-exclusion.
  • GBP is not always accepted.
  • They may not host games available at UK casinos.
  • Terms and conditions different than those at UK casinos may apply.
  • No third-party dispute resolution.

GamStop Casinos vs. Sites Not on GamStop

There isn’t too much polarity between sites that exist within and out of the GamStop network. However, the nuances make the difference. In essence, one is not better than the other. The decision on which type of platform players choose depends on their preference.
Do they want to feel super-safe when playing, or do they want to enjoy a more entertaining gaming experience, being wary that they may be vulnerable in a case of a dispute arising with their chosen operator?

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that problem gambling is an issue that the public should have concerns over. Few have disapproved of the UKGC’s moves in the last few years, which have aimed to curb the harms associated with wagering over the internet.
That said, players who can practice impulse control and know when to walk away prefer the freedom that non GamStop casinos found at allow. These sites accept niche digital coins and e-wallets, and they open the doors for hundreds of gaming titles that are unavailable at UKGC-licensed casinos. They also promote responsible gambling by incorporating deposit/loss limits and site-specific self-exclusion.
Thus, those who can budget wisely and rarely overstep their means should consider visiting a non GamStop casino today and having a look-see.
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