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Is there a point in using iGaming bonuses for Polish gamblers?


5th May 2021 Competitions

Is there a point in using iGaming bonuses for Polish gamblers?
If you search about online casino sites, you will be astonished by the results you will find. There are many sites online, and selecting the most suitable out of the available ones is difficult
That’s because they all have varied ways of attracting users to them.
Such sites appear uniquely in design and usability. However, despite every site’s uniqueness, the players are after minimizing cost and maximizing the output. Most Polish iGaming companies are currently keen on what the customers need and they are always willing to meet their needs.
They use casino bonuses and promotions to attract new players and keep the existing ones. But is it worth utilizing the bonuses? That’s the question our expert Jacek Michalski (check profile) seeks to answer in this post. Here are the different types of casino bonuses you are eligible for:


IGaming primarily relies on chances. That implies that a player’s fate stands between losing and winning. The majority of the players only think of what will happen when they win and not when they lose.
As a result, some iGaming sites have a provision for the losses. There is a certain fixed percentage of the stake that they refund the player when they lose. Not all casinos do that, but if you go through different sites, you will note how the bonuses work.

No deposit bonus

Most players are familiar with casinos requiring them to make their first initial deposit when they join them to qualify for gamblers bonuses. But do you know that there are sites that do not require the new and existing players to follow such procedures? They are known as no deposit bonus sites. They only need you to register to qualify for no deposit bonus. Polish players can check for such bonuses on sites featured at

Loyalty Bonus

IGaming companies value their customers. They have their way of appreciating their customers’ contribution to their growth. They are keen on the players’ gaming frequency and how long they have stayed on the sites. They have a loyalty bonus for such players. They include free spins, free play, and real money.

Match Bonus

The match bonus primarily relies on the available deposit in your account. There is a fixed percentage that the sites use to reward the players. The bonus gets added to their accounts.

How to make good use of the iGaming bonuses

Consider low to medium variance slots

The majority of the players get carried by the excitement of receiving huge bonuses in their accounts. As such, they opt for the high slot variances that they believe will put them in a better position of winning.
Unknown to them, they expose themselves to the complication of accessing their winnings. The high variance slots always have specific requirements that must be adhered to. But that’s not the case with low variance slots.
That will allow you to access your winnings anytime, minus complicated procedures such as those associated with the high variance slots. One thing about the low variance slots is that they will zero out too fast, hence need to utilize them fast.

Understand the bonuses requirements

The excitement to utilize the bonus is always higher than any other thing. As such, the players forget to consider the bonus requirements. The different types of bonuses offered by the iGaming sites have varied wagering requirements.
Therefore, to make the best out of each of them, the player must consider going through the requirements keenly to ensure that they make profits. Some polish iGaming sites have favourable wagering requirements hence friendly to most of the players regardless of the expertise levels.

Don’t over-utilize the bonuses

The casinos offering iGaming services are keen on what they offer their players. The players tend to use such rewards exhaustively and remain with nothing. The casinos are against such actions. Therefore to qualify for the rewards next time, you must utilize the bonus steadily. That way, you will get the most out of it.
Considering the above information, it’s evident that the approach you take when utilizing the casino gambling bonus will determine if you will benefit or not. The majority of the Polish iGamers have been misusing such opportunities because they have not seen the need to utilize them.
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