Beat the Cartoonist October: Vote for your Favourite

Reader's Digest Editors 1 October 2017

In our October issue we asked for your captions for this cartoon below are the top three efforts along with the cartoonist's original. Click on the button to vote for the one you think is funniest. We'll announce the winner in our December issue. The deadline for voting is Friday 20th October at 1pm.


Whats the best caption?

"I just love the bank holiday getaway… four hours stuck behind a caravan"
"I don't care what 'Health and Safety' say, I'm not wearing a helmet."
"If she doesn't get a move on I'm going to slug her!"
"How much do you think he shelled out for that?"
"I can't shift this feeling that we're adopted."

Voting closes September 30th 2017.