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What you should know about gammon joints

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5th Feb 2019 Recipes

What you should know about gammon joints
Gammon joints refer to the hind legs of pork once they have been cured and are a popular meal for many people - we look at the reasons behind the popularity of Gammon Joints.

Preparation Methods

The first thing to know about the preparation of gammon joints is that the process is mainly traditional and natural. This means that no chemicals or water retainers are used in the process to meet our exact standards.
The Wiltshire Bacon company rely on natural services that make the whole preparation process free of chemicals. The pigs from which the pork is sourced are also outdoor reared, which also contributes to the natural process and explains why the pork tends to be succulent and tender. 


The Wiltshire Bacon company provides recipes for the different types of gammon joints so you can understand how different dishes are prepared and follow the recipes. People who prefer to know the manner in which their food is prepared can benefit from eating gammon joints.

Variety of Gammon Joints

There’s a range of gammon joint options. Some of the popular ones include Smoked Gammon Steak, Smoked Horseshoe Gammon Joint, Smoked Oyster Gammon, Unsmoked Oyster Gammon, Smoked Slipper Gammon Joint, Unsmoked Oyster Gammon, and the Gammon Hock among many others.
These different dishes are all served at Wiltshire Bacon meaning whatever your preference you can easily find a dish that suits you. The fact that people can always find a gammon joint dish of their choice explains why this place becomes convenient for both individuals and families. 

Delivery to your doorstep

Door delivery services make it highly convenient when you are unable to purchase the gammon joints by visiting the premises. They are delivered in temperature-controlled boxes, thereby ensuring that the gammon joints stay warm and ready to eat upon delivery. While considering this online feature, the delivery company provides all the details that you need to place an order through the website. That means that even people who have never tried these recipes and rely on the website information can make the best choices. 


The prices of the gammon joints vary. You can make comparisons based on price and then choose the most affordable ones. The prices range between £2 and £42.50. Making it a suitable choice for people looking to save money while still eating good food. You can find out more information on the prices on their website. 


The Wiltshire Bacon company provides people with natural food and share all information about how they process the food that ends up on your plate.
If you strive to eat food that is free from chemicals and prepared in the best way, would like food delivered to your doorstep then this is for you.  

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