Warming semolina pudding recipe

Rachel Walker 

Many people are put off this dessert because they were traumatised by the hard, thick-skinned school semolina. It's definitely worth giving this classic pudding a second chance: when cooked right, it's a sweet and filling winter warmer. Serves 2.


  • 280ml milk
  • 50g semolina
  • 25g sugar



semolina recipe

  1. Heat the milk in a saucepan so it’s just above body temperature, and then add the semolina
  2. Stir continuously on a gentle heat until it thickens and is just starting to bubble
  3. Stir in the sugar, and serve with your choice of topping.
  4. Alternatively, semolina also works well as a microwave pudding. Put all the ingredients in a microwavable dish, and stop to stir on the minute, every minute for 4 minutes. 


Serving suggestions:

My favourite way to serve semolina pudding is to stir sultanas through it, and then top with a dash of cinnamon and little lump of butter which melts over the pudding.

It’s an Eastern European twist which fits neatly alongside a meal with Schnitzel and Riesling. Of course, if you’re going for retro school semolina then you have to go with a tablespoon of luminous jam instead!


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