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Three flipping good pancake recipes


1st Jan 2015 Recipes

Three flipping good pancake recipes

Thin and crispy or fat and fluffy, however you like your pancakes there is a recipe for you this Pancake Day and these three are some of our favourites. 

The basic British pancake


The original and perhaps the best, this recipe makes the thinner, crêpe style pancakes.

They're simple to make but can be jazzed up with whatever topping your heart desires. 

This is a classic and thrifty recipe for a delicious breakfast or teatime treat.



Cottage cheese pancakes with berry fruit compote


Cottage cheese adds unusual lightness to these pancakes.

The berries lend a natural sweetness as well as fibre and vitamin C to this fruity breakfast or brunch dish, so they're a surprisingly health conscious option.



Thick Scotch pancakes

scotch pancakes

Pancake Day is often celebrated with French-style crêpes.

Why not go for a Scotch pancake instead, the British pancake's fluffy, chubbier cousin.

They're just as simple to make and utterly delicious.


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