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The weekend bakery: Baking for the week ahead

BY Karen Burns-Booth

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

The weekend bakery: Baking for the week ahead

Even after a busy week at work, there is nothing better than secreting yourself in the kitchen with a pot of tea (or coffee), some music and just baking your heart out. Here are ten tasty weekend baking projects that will feed you for the week ahead.

From plump fruit cakes, iced biscuits and light-as-a-feather scones to yeasty bread buns, sweet tarts and savoury pies, weekend baking is a great way to “de-stress”.

Your efforts will also provide the whole family with delicious home-made goodies for the school and office lunch box, as well as the odd sneaky treat for afternoon tea or elevenses.

These recipes suggest sweet and savoury ideas, enough to fill every cake and biscuit tin, freezer container and bread bin that you have at your disposal, and will give you more space to relax when time is at a premium during the busy week ahead.


Asparagus tarts

asparagus tarts
Image via Tin and Thyme

These delicious vegetarian tarts are just the thing for light lunches or family suppers, and can be popped into the freezer once made.

They're also packed full of delicious seasonal ingredients such as asparagus and goose eggs with a nutty wholemeal pastry case for an extra crunch.


Scottish morning rolls

scottish morning rolls
Image via Lavender and Lovage

This is my mum’s recipe for classic bread baps, also known as Scottish Morning Rolls.

I remember her baking dozens of these at the weekend when I was growing up; they make the moist amazing “vehicle” for all lunch box sandwiches, as well as being the perfect bun for midweek burgers and soup.


Sticky ginger Marmalade tea loaf

marmalade tea loaf
Image via Lavender and Lovage

Everyone loves a tea loaf, and this one has the added bonus of being made with ginger marmalade.

This sticky tea loaf is perfect when served in thick slices slathered in butter, and makes a wonderful snack for an afternoon tea-time snack or Sunday tea time.


Double chocolate shortbreads

double choc cookies
Image via BBC Good Food

These mouth-watering double chocolate shortbreads would be a welcome addition to the biscuit tin.

They only have five ingredients in them, making them an easy biscuit option to make in the weekend bakery as well as being a fun recipe to make with the children or grandchildren, if you are willing to share your kitchen.


Rhubarb and custard sticky buns

rhubarb and custard sticky buns
Image via Cakey Boi

Everyone loves a sticky bun, whether it be for breakfast, brunch or with an afternoon cuppa.

This recipe for rhubarb and custard sticky buns would make a wonderful sweet treat for the week ahead as well as a “naughty but nice” breakfast treat.


Cheesy spinach muffins

cheesy spinach muffind
Image via Good Housekeeping

Not all muffins are sweet, and these cheesy spinach muffins would make the perfect lunch box alternative to sandwiches whilst sneaking in one of your five-a-day.

They would also be great when served with fresh fruit for a quick and healthy breakfast dish or as part of a family picnic.


Lemon cheesecake slices

lemon cheesecake slices
Image via Good to Know

These zingy cheesecake slices are perfect for any Sunday afternoon tea or for during the week as an after school (or work) treat.

This easy tray bake recipe was originally featured in Woman's Weekly in 1983 and is still very popular.


Cheese, onion and potato pasties

cheese onion and potato pasties
Image via Lavender and Lovage

This is another classic recipe from my mum—I remember her making these pasties for picnics, tea and for my school lunch box.

These delectable vegetarian pasties can be frozen before baking, making them an ideal recipe for all midweek packed lunches and family suppers.


Coconut cake

coconut cake
Image via Great British Chefs

Every weekend bakery session needs a true show stopper cake, and this recipe for coconut cake certainly fits the bill.

It’s a fatless sponge cake recipe that is sandwiched together with layers of coconut cream, perfect for any indulgent family treat, birthday or for a girls tea party.


Oregano and mint pita bread

oregano and mint pita bread
Image via Belleau Kitchen

These easy to make herb pita breads would make an excellent alternative to normal sliced bread for lunchbox sandwiches, as well as being great when served with kebabs, hummus, dips and salad for family meals.

Why not go wild with lots of glorious fillings to stuff these with too?

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Karen Burns-Booth is a freelance recipe developer, food and travel writer and is a member of the Guild of Food Writers. She writes for her own blog Lavender and Lovage.

You can follow Karen on InstagramTwitterFacebook and Google +

*This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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