The ultimate Easter chocolate gift guide

Here are our top chocolatey picks for 2017, including all the tastiest chocolate on the high street, as well as the best options to keep little ones entertained. Enjoy!

Perfect for… Vegans

Chocolate and Love

chocolate and love
Chocolate and Love bars, £2.99

Indulge guilt-free in some Easter chocolate with these fair trade bars. Each of these exciting flavours is gluten and GMO-free, with no additives.

What’s more, most of the range is also dairy free, making them the ideal gift for vegans. Flavours include coffee, dark, mint, orange, Panama and sea salt and caramel.

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Perfect for… A sweet tooth

Cutter and Squidge

cutter and squidge

Eggstravaganza Half-Egg (360g), £12.50

This indulgent half-shell egg from bakery Cutter and Squidge is the epitome of Easter indulgence.

The dark chocolate shell is filled with the pleasantly contrasting textures of dulce de leche and cookie crumb, topped with brownies, filled eggs, salty pretzels, cookies and marshmallows. True decadence!

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Perfect for… Big families


Cadbury's Easter sharing basket, £30

For a grand gesture on a budget, the Cadbury’s Easter sharing basket has enough chocolate to satisfy the entire family, all contained in an adorable wicker hamper.

The haul includes an egg hunt pack, perfect for keeping the grandchildren busy. When you’ve demolished the chocolatey treats, why not reuse the hamper for an Easter picnic?

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Perfect for… Unusual tastes

Doisy and Dam

easter box
16 piece Doisy and Dam Easter hamper, £35

Know someone with a slightly unusual taste, or a preference for healthier treats? Doisy and Dam partner superfood ingredients including lucuma and goji berries with melt-in-the-mouth organic chocolate.

The brightly packaged bars come in a range of flavours from date and Himalayan pink salt milk chocolate, to goji and orange dark chocolate. Can’t decide? Why not treat yourself or a loved one to their Easter hamper, containing all eight bars in both mini and original sizes.

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Perfect for… Classic gifts


Flame Egg (270g), £14.99, Gold Bunny (200g), £5, Stracciatella Egg (285g), £8.99

The appearance of gold Lindt bunnies in the shops has become one of the first signs that Easter is on its way. As well as these tasty—and adorable—critters, Lindt’s new Flame Egg is the perfect gift for younger family members.

The rich milk chocolate conceals a small carrot car toy, driven by the golden bunny himself. Ideal for keeping the little ones busy while you cook up that lamb roast.

For those who prefer white chocolate, Lindt has you covered. The delicious Stracciatella Egg is made of smooth cookies and cream flavoured chocolate and comes with a handful of indulgent white chocolate truffles.

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Perfect for… Dark chocolate lovers

Green and Black's

Dark Easter egg (165g), £6.59

Milk chocolate too sweet? Come to the dark side with this thick-shelled 70 per cent dark chocolate egg from Green and Black's.

Founded from their flat on Portabello Road, husband and wife team Green and Black’s pioneered the UK’s first organic chocolate bar 25 years ago—and their chocolate tastes just as good today!


Perfect for… Guests


Jar of foiled eggs (600g), £14.95

These delicious mini milk chocolate eggs look stylish and taste even better. The perfect gift for someone who prefers to graze, they taste great with coffee and will look good on display throughout the Easter season.

Leave them on a coffee table and they're perfect for guests to dip into. You could even play a game of “Guess how many eggs in the jar” or serve them up as simple after-dinner treats on Easter Sunday. 

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