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The perfect summer roast recipe

BY Rachel Walker

28th Jul 2019 Recipes

The perfect summer roast recipe

For when you're craving a classic roast but you want a lighter summer option, we have you covered

This summer roast takes the form of a gloriously big salad—but not chicken salad as you know it. There’s no mayonnaise to form the base or pasta to bulk it out. Instead summer herbs keep the flavours light and fresh. It can be served as a seasonal alternative to a roast lunch, particularly when accompanied with a bowl of buttery potatoes and a good bottle of wine.

Ingredients (serves 4-6)

2tsp chilli flakes
2tsp dried oregano
4tbsp red wine vinegar
4tbsp olive oil
1 medium sized chicken
4 courgettes
2tbsp olive oil 500g radishes
100g bunch of parsley
50g bunch of mint
1tbsp Nigella seeds

Optional serve: bowl of buttery new potatoes


1. Start by making the marinade—which will also double-up as a dressing. Mix together the chilli flakes, oregano, red wine vinegar and olive oil in a small jug. Season with salt and pepper.

2. Pour half the dressing in a resealable bag, add the chicken and refrigerate for 2-12 hours to allow it to marinade. Set aside the remaining half to serve with the salad.

3. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Place the chicken in a roasting tin, pour over the marinade and roast for 45 minutes. Check that the chicken is cooked through by stabbing the thickest part with a knife, and ensuring that the juices run clear.

4. Meanwhile, cut the courgette at a diagonal angle at 1cm intervals. Put in a mixing bowl, toss with the olive oil and season with salt. Heat a griddle pan and cook in batches so that each slice develops delicious black char. This will take a little time but is worth the effort and will give the chicken a chance to rest.

5. Wash and halve the radishes, then wash and pick the parsley and mint leaves and slice roughly. Put in a mixing bowl along with the sliced courgette and Nigella seeds. Shred the chicken off the bone while still in the roasting tin, so that the meat soaks in the juices. Add it to the salad and toss through the remaining dressing.

6. Serve with a side dish of buttery roast potatoes. Turn leftovers into a chicken salad by mixing with a little mayonnaise and thinly-sliced spring onions.

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