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The easiest recipe for tiramisu

BY Rachel Walker

30th May 2019 Recipes

1 min read

The easiest recipe for tiramisu
Making tiramisu from scratch is an art form, but this speedy version of the desert recipe harnesses its sensational flavours in a fraction of the time
Ingredients, serves 6-8
• 1tbsp instant coffee + 250ml boiling water (or 300ml of strong cafetiere coffee)
• 2tbsp sugar
• Optional: 4tbsp of coffee liqueur (eg, Kahlua, Tia Maria)
• 600ml double cream
• 250g mascarpone
• 2tbsp icing sugar
• 1tsp vanilla extract
• 200g lady fingers
•75g dark chocolate, grated
• 2tsp cocoa powder 

1. Pour the coffee, sugar and coffee liqueur into a shallow bowl, (which will fit the ladyfingers lengthways). Whisk the double cream, mascarpone and icing sugar until soft and smooth. Add the vanilla extract.
2. Now build the tiramisu. Start by briefly dipping the ladyfingers in the coffee, so they are almost soaked-through but not soggy. Place a layer in the bottom of a (preferably glass) serving dish, top with a dusting of chocolate, then the mascarpone-cream and repeat the layers until everything is used up—finishing with a layer of mascarpone cream.
3. Cover with cling-film and refrigerate for at least an hour. Top with a final dusting of chocolate and cocoa powder and serve.