Recipe: Crab pasta

Rachel Walker 9 October 2018

This crab pasta is a classy Autumn dish that will warm you up and fill you with flavour—tick off the interactive list as you go!

Crab season is just coming to an end, so it’s a great time to enjoy it. Though I’ll let you in on a secret—and that’s tinned crab. Sure, it might not have the romance of a fresh dressed crab, but it’s fantastic value and means you can whisk up this luxuriant little dish at a moment’s notice. It’s a favourite recipe, with the crabmeat, butter and saffron making it both a decadent dinner party dish and perfect for date night.


*Although a whole head sounds like a lot, the flavour is mellow and sweet once slow-roasted. For a speedier version, substitute this step for crushing two raw garlic cloves and cooking them straight in the butter.