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Pretty in Pink: Romantic dishes for your Valentine

BY Helen Best-Shaw

14th Feb 2018 Recipes

Pretty in Pink: Romantic dishes for your Valentine

It’s difficult to be romantically novel on Valentine’s Day. Yes, the restaurants are bursting with tables for two, and roses abound, but how about making a change this year and giving whoever it is who usually cooks some time off? These dishes are easy to prepare but deliver great flavours and a real splash of romance by all being pink! So push the boat out this Valentine’s day, and whip up a real home-made romantic treat

Beetroot bread


Start the day with this pretty, pink beetroot bread—delicious for breakfast with toast and marmalade, or top with sour cream and a slither of smoked salmon for an indulgent, but oh so easy first course!

Click here for the recipe


Bacon roses

02 bacon roses.jpg

Everyone loves breakfast in bed, but how about bacon roses for your breakfast in bed served in this pretty salad with strawberries? Just perfect for your loved one.

Click here for the recipe


Vegan Valentine: Beetroot Soup with Coconut Hearts


Beetroot soup, intensely coloured and with its strong, earthy flavours, is a real treat. Here’s a great-looking vegan version, with a beautiful garnish of coconut milk yoghurt mixed with almond milk. Served with a hearty soda bread, you can have a tasty vegan Valentine’s meal on the table in about half an hour.

Click here for the recipe


Beetroot spaghetti with scallops

04 beetroot spaghetti.jpg

Scallops are so quick and easy to cook but aren’t short-changed on flavour. Easily available frozen, it’s a simple matter of defrosting them gently during the day in the fridge, and then adding the pink-tastic beetroot spaghetti for a Valentine’s worthy evening at an attractive price.

Click here for the recipe


8-Minute Beet Juice Poached Salmon

05 beet poached slamon.jpg

This recipe doesn’t require any marinating, so takes only a few minutes to prepare. Looks delicious, too with the beetroot juice adding to the rich colours of the salmon.

Click here for the recipe


Rosemary Beet and Grapefruit Salad

06 Beet-and-Grapefruit-Salad-2.jpg

Proposing a simple salad seems a little underwhelming for Valentine’s day, but this simple and beautiful combination of beetroot and grapefruit can’t be passed over. Some chopped shallots add some heat to the sharpness of the grapefruit and the earthiness of the beetroot. Looks great!

Click here for the recipe


Persian Pea & Herb Little Bakes with Beetroot Labneh

07 beetroot labneh and pea fritters.jpg

This just looks so perfect. Pink food is a struggle—it’s easy to make mush that’s attractive to nobody, but to make a dish with a strong hint of pink in it and have it look good is far more difficult. Here, the pink beetroot labneh contrasts with pea dumplings. Green and pink are a classic combination, as any member of the Garrick club would tell you!

Click here for the recipe


Green Tea Hibiscus Pops

08 green-tea-hibiscus-frozen-ice-pops-recipe.jpg

A dessert with a difference! I just love these green tea-flavoured popsicles/iced lollies—call them what you will. Making them at home means you can pack the flavour in, rather than the insipid ones you buy which are too long on coloured sugar water and far too short on taste.

Click here for the recipe


Helen Best-Shaw, is a freelance food & travel writer, recipe developer & photographer. She has been blogging at Fuss Free Flavours for over 11 years.

Follow her on Twitter, Instagram , Facebook & Google+.

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