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How to make a chocolate or sweet bouquet

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6th Jun 2023 Recipes

How to make a chocolate or sweet bouquet
Everybody knows what a flower bouquet is. Nothing can compare to getting a huge vase full of red roses at work when you are having a bad day.
Something that can put a smile on your face no matter how many people try to turn it into a frown. But, whether you know it or not, there is something that is even better than a large bundle of flowers: a chocolate bouquet.
You know how special they can be if you have ever received one. If they are built correctly, they are matched to your specific tastes, rather than just a bunch of generic flowers that everybody enjoys. The funny thing is that even though receiving such a wonderfully delicious bundle is awesome, one thing still beats it.
That is being able to give one to someone special in your life or someone that you know that may simply need a pick-me-up. So, let's take a look at how to make a chocolate bouquet so you can start creating a line of smiles on your own.
  1. Match Needs – This is the stage where personalization takes place. You need to go to the local candy store or retail location and pick out some chocolates that are favorites of the person you are making the bouquet for. Do not buy generic things like Hershey's unless that is their favorite overall. If they prefer homemade fudge, then roll your sleeves up and make some.
  2. Attach To Wood Skewers – Do you know those wood BBQ skewers you can buy? Get yourself a handful of them, a hot glue gun with some craft glue sticks, and sit at a table with plenty of room. Glue the chocolates to the skewers in any design that you like. Leave the bottoms open because they will be used to hold the bouquet up.
  3. Choose Your Platform – Now that your chocolates are ready, it is time to get the foundation ready. If you did not have one picked out, now is the time. Check out some good examples at Sweet Bouquets. Whether you want to use a jar, a decorative box, or a vase, the choice is yours. What is important is that it looks good, it is something the person receiving the bouquet will like, and all the sticks you made will fit into it.
  4. Line With Foam – Line the bottom of the chosen platform with some crafting foam. This is kind of like a styrofoam that will give you an excellent base to poke the end of the skewers into, which is the next step.
  5. Place The Skewers – Place the skewers into the foam one at a time. This is why you had to leave the bottoms open, so if you did glue some chocolate all the way down, you would have to remove them before moving on. You will want to arrange the pieces of chocolate so they are in a pleasant design without looking cluttered.
  6. Add Decorations – Now it is time to make the bouquet look gorgeous. Line the foam with colored tissue. Wrap the outside with wrapping paper, cellophane, colored paper, or anything else that will make it look nice. Wrap it with a hand-tied bow.
The sky is the limit when creating a chocolate bouquet. If the person you are making it for loves stuffed bears, feel free to add a small one sitting at the bottom of the platform, holding onto the skewers. Or, you can add a bigger one to the bouquet holding onto the entire platform.
The choice is all up to you. Just be sure you match the bouquet to the person receiving it. It would be a shame to create a beautiful wicker basket full of chocolate truffles and chocolate-covered cherries to discover that the person receiving it is allergic to anything cherry. Know your target, and match the bouquet to them to ensure you always make the perfect chocolate bouquet.

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