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How to create a healthier breakfast routine with oats


1st Nov 2021 Recipes

How to create a healthier breakfast routine with oats

For some people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For others, it is simply an opportunity to quickly shove some food into their mouths before rushing out of the house and getting on with the day ahead of them.

If you are in the latter category and want to do something about it, the following blog post provides you with a few top tips that can help to give some more structure to breaking your fast with oats, which are well-known as being amongst the healthiest grains in the world with all sorts of positive health qualities that are worth shouting about.


As a whole-grain food that is incredibly nutritious, you should certainly try to include oats as part of your breakfast. Some of the varieties include Jumbo Oats and Steel Cut Oats. As well as having numerous nutritional qualities, it is also a grain that is jam-packed with antioxidants, plus some soluble fibres and a number of other positive qualities.


The most obvious way that you can eat your oats in the morning is in the form of porridge. Medium Oatmeal is a great starting point. One of the best aspects of porridge is the fact that it does not have to take a great deal of time or cause too much effort to get right. Mornflake Oats are well-known in producing this grain, which can be made into porridge. Once you have perfected making your porridge, you then have the option of personalizing it as you see fit, which usually involves some sort of flavourings for most people, as well as the opportunity to add in a whole heap of healthy fruit including blueberries and banana.

Do not rush your breakfast routine

Although porridge may seem to be a relatively quick and easy meal to enjoy, this does not mean that it should be rushed for any reason whatsoever. Instead, you can build a healthy breakfast with elements from The Spanish Hamper if you are looking to create a more Mediterranean diet, which is one that is well-known for being amongst the healthiest in the world. Ultimately, oats and porridge can act as the central player in your breakfast, but you need to think about the supporting role that the other elements are going to have.

Avoid setting your alarm too late

While it may seem tempting to keep snoozing your alarm, once you take the time to set up a healthy breakfast routine, you can easily find that this is something that you do not want to give up all that easily. So, this means giving the porridge and the rest of the items that you are adding to your breakfast the respect that they deserve by taking your time to prepare them all.

All of these tips can help you out when it comes to creating a healthy breakfast routine that centres on oats and builds in various other elements along the way.

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