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Handmade Halloween treats for children

Handmade Halloween treats for children

So Halloween is here and there’s a good chance you’ll have some pint-sized visitors hoping for some treats. This year why not have some fun and make your own? The big kids in your life will probably enjoy them too…

Halloween mini pumpkin muffins

mini pumpkin muffins halloween
Image via Recipes from a Pantry

These cute little orange muffins are the perfect bite-sized treat.

They are flavoured with vanilla, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice for that seasonal taste and topped with a cream cheese frosting and some sprinkles.



Halloween boo bark

Halloween boo bark
Image via As the Bunny Hops

Bark is one of the easiest Halloween treats to make and it’s always popular. This bark is so gloriously orange as it’s made with orange candy melts rather than chocolate.

The finishing touches are sprinkles and edible googly eyes.



Halloween shortbread cookies

halloween treat shortbread cookies
Image via The Petite Cook

Buttery, light and airy shortbread cookies. Mmmmm! These cookies are sweet and super easy to make.

Use your favourite Halloween cutter to shape them or treat yourself to a cute pumpkin cutter like the one used to make these.

Fill the eyes with food gel or chocolate to finish them off.


  Halloween marshmallow squares

halloween marshmallow squares
Image via Maison Cupcake

This type of marshmallow traybake can be used to create some amazing creations. This Halloween recipe, however, is incredibly simple.

Just cut them into squares and drizzle a design on top with melted chocolate or icing.



Chocolate spiders

Daddy Long Legs
Image via Cakeyboi

You may not be keen on spiders, but these long legged chocolate horrors are actually quite cute and you won’t believe how easy they are to make.

You don’t have to bake a thing, there are only three ingredients and they are made in minutes. Quick, go have a look!



Nakd chocolate orange cake pops

choc orange cake pops
Image via Wallflower Kitchen

Cake pops are another easy treat. They are basically just smooshed up cake mixed with frosting or buttercream shaped into balls and dipped in chocolate.

These particular cake pops are made with Nakd bars so they are dairy free and much healthier than your average Halloween treat.



Green peanut butter witch finger cookies

green peanut butter witch finger cookies
Image via Veggie Desserts

These are almost too creepy for me. Way too realistic! The kids are going to love them. They are coloured with spinach for the witchy green skin tone and flavoured with peanut butter. You really don’t taste the spinach at all.  

The nails are almonds and you’ll be pleased to know the blood is actually just raspberry jam. Phew!



Monster truffles

monster truffles
Image via Tinned Tomatoes

This is truffle recipe I used to make with my mum when I was little. I tweaked it and now they are perfect for Halloween.

I flavoured them with orange juice and peel and added little fondant eyeballs. Best to keep the rum for another occasion and a more grown up treat.



Spider web smoothie bowl

scary smoothie halloween
Image via Eats Amazing

It’s thirsty work trick or treating and no one ever remembers to offer the little tykes a drink.

These smoothie bowls are made with frozen fruit so they can be whipped up in a flash if you need them. They are sweetened with a little honey and the pattern on top is made with yoghurt.


Jacqueline Meldrum is a freelance food writer and recipe developer. Jacqueline blogs at Tinned Tomatoes

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