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Burgers and bangers for Halloween and Bonfire Night

BY Karen Burns-Booth

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

Burgers and bangers for Halloween and Bonfire Night

The spooky, firework season is nearly upon us, and the help your celebrations go with a bang, here’s some of our favourite seasonal recipes for sausages and burgers. They will be sure to satisfy all appetites!

1. Spicy bean burger with sweet peach chutney

spicy bean burger recipe
Image via Krumpli

Here’s a stunning recipe for a veggie burger that is perfect for any bonfire supper.

This spicy bean burger is not just for vegetarians. The wholesome mix of beans and lentils would make a great family meat free Monday supper dish.



2. Sausage pot pie

sausage pot pie
Image via Sprinkles and Sprouts

Sausages get a new make-over in this super seasonal recipe, where meaty sausages mingle with hearty lentils, fragrant thyme and rich red wine.

The ingredients are all cooked together and covered with a disc of buttery puff pastry. This sausage pot pie is comfort in a bowl!



3. Irish banger skillet

Irish banger skillet

A quick stovetop wonder that’s easily do-able on a weeknight, with soulful slices of red potato, shreds of cabbage, chunks of carrot and savoury, meaty sausage.

It’s so good and so simple, and perfect autumn comfort grub.



4. Savoury sausage and sage baked apples

savoury sausage and sage baked apples

Never mind dunking for apples at the Halloween party, here’s a recipe for stuffed savoury sausage baked apples.

These are easy to make and delicious with all roasts, as well as making a tasty family supper dish when served with mashed potatoes and gravy.



5. Gorgonzola stuffed burger with fig onion marmalade

Gorgonzola stuffed burger recipe
Image via Chews and Brews

I am a big fan of cheeseburgers, and this one is utterly divine.

Juicy fresh minced beef is stuffed with Italy’s finest blue cheese, Gorgonzola, and is then served in a burger bun with fig and onion marmalade.



6. Award-winning “Logan County Hamburgers”

logan county hamburgers
Image via Lavender and Lovage

Now here’s an award-winning burger recipe. Not a burger as we know it, but a grilled cheese sandwich, or a toastie, with onions and a seasoned onion hamburger in the middle.

Perfect for the children at a Halloween or bonfire party, and great with a dollop of mayonnaise!



7. Slow cooker sausage casserole

slow cooker sausage casserole
Image via Baking Queen 74

A slow cooker is very handy for the cooler months, and sausage casserole is a thing of beauty on a cold autumn evening.

Here is a recipe that can be adapted for whatever vegetables you have to hand. You can also add a tin of cannellini beans or a handful of red lentils to this hearty sausage casserole.  



8. The perfect burger

the perfect burger recipe
Image via Country Wood Smoke

I am sure we all have a “perfect burger” recipe, but this one really is rather special.

Using Aberdeen Angus beef, and sandwiched together with cheese in the middle, this burger is further enhanced with caramelised onions. Divine. 



9. Sausage rolls with beer dip

sausage rolls beer dip

Who doesn’t love a sausage roll, and they are especially welcome for Bonfire night or as a perfect warming snack on chilly evenings.

These mini versions are made with a filling of sausage meat, sage, onion and chopped Fenland celery served with a tangy tomato and beer dip.



10. Meatball mummies

meatball mummies
Image via Spend With Pennies

These spooky meatball mummies would be a howling success at Halloween!

Meatball mummies are a fun twist on the hot dog mummies we’ve all seen so many times, and use ready-made pizza dough with ready cooked meatballs. The eyes are made with mayonnaise and ketchup and they look spooky, but fun too.



Karen Burns-Booth is a freelance recipe developer, food and travel writer and is a member if the Guild of Food Writers. She writes for her own blog Lavender and Lovage.

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