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9 Different egg recipes

BY Helen Best-Shaw

17th Apr 2019 Recipes

9 Different egg recipes

Delicious recipes where eggs are the star of the show—not just an ingredient

Easter might mean chocolate eggs, but the normal, from-a-hen variety are a quick and easy staple. I’m a big fan of scrambled eggs for a protein-filled snack that takes only a few minutes to make. But there are so many dishes where eggs take centre stage: here are a few ideas based around my favourites…


Baked Rice and Egg Pots with Roasted Vegetables

We start with this baked egg dish, a simple family lunch or supper that also uses up all those leftover vegetables found at the bottom of the fridge at the end of the week. Cook in individual pots, or use a larger gratin dish and serve “family style”. Given the choice I will always go for individual pots. Even for a family supper, it’s just so nice to have that little serving to myself. 


Baked Scotch Egg

Scotch eggs are designed as the perfect picnic food; no cutlery required, and unlike a sandwich there’s little danger of the filling falling out. They’re richly savoury so it’s not surprising they’re a portable favourite. This recipe bakes the eggs rather than the more traditional deep-fat frying, so much easier and less stressful for home cooking.  


Prosciutto Eggs Benedict with Blender Hollandaise

When you have the time to make them, eggs Benedict are a sumptuous way to start the day. The normal hang up for me is making hollandaise sauce. Yes, you can buy a packet of pre-made, but I generally prefer making things from scratch. Here’s a great eggs Benedict recipe that makes the sauce in a blender for a quick and fool proof result. 


Huevos Rancheros Baked Eggs

Cracking eggs into a dish of beans and/or tomatoes is so delicious that it turns up in numerous traditional cuisines. Here’s a version of the Mexican huevos rancheros. I love the way that it’s presented in a tortilla to add a bit of crunch to the dish. 


Avocado-Stuffed French Toast with Poached Egg—gluten free

A slice of sourdough toast, covered in crushed avocado with a poached egg on top is a hipster cliché, but still delicious for all that—it’s one of my favourite ways to treat myself at breakfast, and it only takes a few minutest too. Here’s a variation on that theme, made as a French toast sandwich that looks just yummy. I bet it tastes just as good too. 


Baked Mushroom & Spinach Frittata

Frittatas are delicious, adaptable and so quick to make. Unlike a quiche, there’s no pastry to be made or blind baked, and I love incorporating all sorts of different flavours. Here’s a recipe for a baked frittata that makes it even more fool proof—no danger of a burnt bottom! 


Spicy Chettinad Style Egg Roast Curry

This is a delicious spicy preparation of boiled eggs cooked in a delicious coconut, onion & tomato-based gravy. An extremely flavourful and mouth-watering dish that pairs well with steamed rice or any Indian bread. This egg curry is one of the famous ways to eat eggs in southern part of India.


Cloud Eggs

Cloud eggs are an Instagram favourite, but this doesn’t stop them tasting as good as they look. I love the idea of surprising everyone at breakfast with a dish of these fluffy, baked treats. Simple to make, they’re a version of a 400-year-old French recipe: history on a plate! 


Cheesy Jalapeño Devilled Eggs

Finally, these cheesy jalapeño devilled eggs are so versatile. They’re quick to make: just follow our tips for the perfect hard boiled eggs, scoop out the yolk and mix with the chopped jalapeño, cheese and mayonnaise. Then pipe back into the egg whites, or if you can’t wait that long just spoon the mixture in, and enjoy. They’re perfect served as a quick and easy canapé at a party or just at home, accompanying an aperitif.


Helen Best-Shaw, is a freelance food & travel writer, recipe developer & photographer. She has been blogging at Fuss Free Flavours for over ten years.  

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