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9 Delicious ways to use up leftover Brussels sprouts

BY Kayleigh Rattle

25th Dec 2018 Recipes

9 Delicious ways to use up leftover Brussels sprouts

It's time to find a use for all those small green leftover vegetables...

The most wonderful time of year brings with it plenty of food, drink, good times and, more often than not, leftover Brussels sprouts. Whether you’re a sprout lover or hater, there are many tasty ways to use up these verdant vegetables, as we reveal.

Brussels sprouts divide opinion like no other veg. On the one hand, sprouts have their advocates: those who ask for an extra helping on December 25, or even go as far as eating them all year round. But they also have a hoard of detractors who find them too bland, too bitter, and their smell too off-putting. 

Regardless, one thing’s for certain: it all comes down to how they’re cooked. It’s time to say goodbye to the usual overboiled, waterlogged and pale and soggy sprouts and to turn to alternative methods of cooking, such as frying to roasting. Here, we’ve gathered a fantastic selection of recipes, from an indulgent mac ‘n’ cheese bake to a healthy sprout pesto—guaranteed to impress even the most ardent of sprout haters. Enjoy!


Sprout fritters

Sprouts for breakfast, we hear you say? Yes, that’s right! Courgette and sweetcorn fritters are a popular choice for brunch, especially when topped with a fried egg, and the same goes for sprouts. When combined with egg, cheese, flour and panko breadcrumbs and gently fried, shredded sprouts can make for a perfectly crisp patty that’s just asking to be served with avocado, and a fried or poached egg. 


Stir Fried Prawns & Sprouts in Honey 

Stir-frys are a great way of using up any leftover vegetables or ingredients, and they can also help you to gobble up your recommended five to seven portions of fruit and veg a day. Here, sprouts are combined with honey, prawns and soy sauce for a wonderfully crunchy and zingy midweek meal option. 


Garlic, Leek & Brussels Sprouts Frittata

When life gives you eggs and sprouts, make frittata, we say! This nifty recipe recommends whisking in a touch of full fat yoghurt to the eggs while beating, making way for an exceptionally pillowy and flavoursome frittata. The sprouts are thinly sliced, along with leek, so it’s a great dish for sprout naysayers—you don’t need to tell anyone they’re lurking in there!


Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Sprouts & Bacon 

Seeing as everything is better with cheese, mac ‘n’ cheese is a great dish to cook if you’re looking to use up any superfluous sprouts. Roasting sprouts can give help to release their sweetness, which works wonders when combined with saltier ingredients such as cheese and bacon. Bacon and sprouts are a match made in heaven: prepare to be amazed!


Farro & Brussels Sprout Soup

Winter is officially the season for soup and if you’ve already exhausted your trusty list of go-to recipes, this is sure to whet your appetite. Shredded Brussels sprouts combine with ancient whole grain farro for a deliciously nutritious and filling soup. What’s more, this soup isn’t blended, so it can also take on the properties of a warming stew when served with bread or dumplings.


Bacon & Sprouts Flatbread 

Winter veg works wonders when roasted on top of pizzas and flatbreads, and sprouts are no exception. The key to this recipe is getting your oven (or better, woodfire oven or pizza oven) piping hot, so the flatbreads char and the cheese oozes over the sprouts and bacon. Melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness!


Brussels Sprouts Pesto 

Christmas brings with it plenty of heavy foods—not that we’re complaining!—but if you’re looking for a healthier alternative, sprout pesto could well be the answer. Simply whizz your sprouts in a food processor along with walnuts, garlic, lemon and Parmesan and toss over pasta for a cheap, quick, simple and healthy meal.


Brussels Quesadillas 

Despite being a quintessentially British crop, Brussels sprouts can take on internationally-inspired flavours with aplomb. Take quesadillas, for example. Here, sliced sprouts, bacon and cannellini beans (along with a generous helping of Mozzarella!) combine to fill these moreish Mexican grilled tortillas. Enjoy with the recommended blue cheese dip, or a spicy relish for a guaranteed winter warmer.


Red Cabbage & Brussels Sprout Tart

Make typical Sunday roast side dishes such as braised red cabbage and Brussels sprouts the deserved stars of the show with this vibrant and effortless tart. On top of being visually appealing, this tasty bake is singing with flavour thanks to the red cabbage being braised with apples, and lashings of sage butter. 

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