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9 Delicious recipes that use tea

BY Helen Best-Shaw

15th Apr 2020 Recipes

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9 Delicious recipes that use tea
It’s National Tea Day on April 21, which we could celebrate by simply brewing a pot or opening packet of special tea... or, there are a number of ways to use tea in cooking
Here are a few recipe ideas with which to celebrate the country’s favourite cup that cheers!

1. Earl Grey layer cake with Swiss buttercream and Earl Grey caramel 

This delicious cake is scented with aromatic Earl Grey tea, filled with silky Swiss meringue buttercream and drizzled with Earl Grey caramel. Perfect as a layer cake but equally gorgeous dressed down as a bundt cake. 

2. Sweet tea fried chicken 

This American recipe uses iced tea as a marinade for chicken. A strong brew is allowed to steep for a good 20-30 minutes—real stand-up-your-spoon stuff!—before being added the chicken and left in the fridge for 24-48 hours. Then it’s fried like proper US fried chicken. A recipe that definitely sounds finger-licking good!   

3. Gluten-free vegan matcha strawberry cake 

Matcha is powdered green tea that’s available in many supermarkets. It makes delicious ice cream or, like here, it’s used in a tasty vegan, gluten-free, moist and fluffy cake. The slightly bitter matcha perfectly complements the sweet-tart strawberry frosting.  

4. Marbled tea eggs 

Marbled tea eggs are sold in Asia as a street food snack. The eggs are stewed in the tea broth and the seller will give you unpeeled eggs straight from the broth, leaving you to meander down the road gently peeling off the shell. When you remove the peel and see the wonderful marbling underneath from the tea seeping through the cracked shells.  

5. Pumpkin tea glazed pork chops and apples 

These pork chops are coated in a sweet pumpkin tea glaze and served with apple slices that have been poached in the same sweet tea.  

6. Chai spiced tea trifle 

This tea trifle is sweet, creamy, and delicious with chai spiced cake and tea-infused custard layered with vanilla whipped cream. It’s tea for pudding with this recipe; the custard is made with milk infused with black tea.  

7. Tea cured salmon 

I love the idea of this tea cured salmon: the recipe author says that you can cure salmon with any tea as long as it is loose leaf: herbal, green, black, or a blend. I think that a smoky lapsang souchong might work very well indeed!  

8. Vanilla and Earl Grey chocolate pudding with sea salt 

This recipe makes an indulgent chocolatey thick pudding with hints of vanilla and Earl Grey and some crunch thanks to flaky sea salt. It’s a quick recipe; melt chocolate into tea, pour in some heated cream, add salt and chill. A dark and delicious pudding.  

9. Vegan tea loaf 

Finally, a delicious and wholesome tea-time treat. Packed with moist vine fruits, this fruit loaf is comforting everyday home-made cake at its best. Perfect for accompanying a mug of strong builders’ tea, or a more delicate cup of Earl Grey, because even with all this cooking, I have to drink some actual tea on National Tea Day.  

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