6 Secrets to perfect puddings

Cookies with extra crunch? Baked fruit without the fuss? Try these lip-smacking tips to perk up your puddings.

Perfect pie crust

Lard traditionally produces the flakiest pie crust, but chefs know another secret: the addition of white vinegar—or gin— into the mixture, added before rolling.


Fabulous fruit

How do you make a round fruit sit upright for the poaching, baking or roasting process (think baked apple)? Using a paring knife, slice the bottom of the fruit off, leaving a flat bottom. No toppling!


Classy clafoutis

A clafoutis is a French fruit pudding made with cherries. Lots of people remove the pits, but why? They provide an extra hit of flavour to the already delicious cherries.

It may not seem proper and it isn't for everyone (especially little children), but if you make this for a barbecue dessert, try it. It turns a great pudding into something truly extraordinary!


Marvellous marshmallows

This campfire favourite is the perfect way to add gooeyness to any baked good: marshmallows melt beautifully and—miraculously—are low in calories.


Classy chocolate cookies

After you mix the cookie ingredients together, give them a rest in the fridge overnight. If you can wait even longer, 24 hours will result in absolutely perfect cookies that are neither crumbly nor cakey.


Beautiful brown sugar

If your brown sugar has gone hard as a rock, slip a piece of bread into its bag and wait for 48 hours. Remove the bread and presto! The sugar will be usable again.