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12 Easter sweet treats to make at home

BY Helen Best-Shaw

12th Apr 2022 Recipes

12 Easter sweet treats to make at home

There's no better time than Easter to give your sweet tooth a treat, so here are 12 ideas you can make at home

There's no better time than Easter to give your sweet tooth a treat, literally. Aside from gorging on chocolate eggs, why not go the extra mile and make your own chocolates, sweets and candy, for both you and for giving to friends? It is far more fun, cost efficient and homemade comes with far less packaging.  

Here are 12 ideas for sweet Easter treats you can make at home. 

Avocado eggs are increasingly popular and most of the main supermarkets sell them now. By making our own there is no need for a trip to the supermarket for a chocolate avocado Easter egg and none of that packaging!

Raffaello are those white, chocolate truffle type sweets made by the ambassador’s favourite chocolatier. Here’s a version to make at home: I love the freezing idea, perfect for a hot, sunny day.

This delicious and easy homemade Raffaello recipe is made with condensed milk. If you freeze them, you get Raffaello ice cream bites that are just hard to stop eating until there are no more left!

Now you can enjoy the taste of the tropics year-round and on the go with these easy Mango Balls, which make a healthier Easter treat! They’re an energy-boosting snack that take 15 minutes to make; naturally vegan, nut free, and gluten free too. They’re always handy to have around when you need a little boost.

Instead of the typical protein powder or nut butter mixture that make up most protein ball recipes, these mango energy balls are made with a tropical mix of dried mango, coconut, dates, and vanilla.

Making your own Easter eggs, means that you can personalize gifts inside each egg.

It’s far nicer to have to crack open the egg to discover what’s hidden within rather than simply have a packet of sweets next to the egg, and to have them personalised as well? A double win!

Do you like Speculoos biscuits? Those spiced biscuits that work so well with coffeeLotus is the best known brand. I also love the spread, served on a slice of toast. Here’s another way to enjoy them by making them into truffles.

Coating them in white chocolate adds a professional touch.

An easy recipe for raspberry and vanilla homemade marshmallows, which are as light and fluffy as a cloud! Perfect for your Valentine! Egg and Gluten Free. Homemade marshmallows are a joy to eat.  Light, soft and fluffy without a hint of chewiness they are poles apart from their chewy, rubbery mass produced poor relations.

These are so soft and pillowly I want to make a giant one and sleep on it, I am sure it would guarantee a good night’s sleep.


More truffles now, but traditional chocolate this time. Making your own chocolate truffles is a lot easier than you think. These Grand Marnier truffles are basically made by mixing cream and chocolate (with a few more ingredients, including the all important Grand Marnier!), and forming them into balls.

The main thing I love about home made truffles is that I can make sure they’re not too sweet, by using a quality chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa solids.


These chocolate coconut bars, made with honey and coconut butter, are a healthy-ish replacement for Bounty barsthe coconut filled chocolate bar. Again, by making at home, they’re not as sugarary as when I buy them, and they’re simple to make; the coconut mixture is frozen, cut into bars and then coated with melted chocolate.


I absolutely adore marzipan. One of my favourite gifts to receive are chocolate covered marzipans; I really struggle not to finish them too quickly.

Here’s how to make them at home, using only 3 ingredients, with taking just 15 minutes. These might make a perfect edible gift, but frankly there’s no chance of me giving these away. I’m keeping them all for me!

Another truffle recipe; rather than being made from dark chocolate, these easy cookie truffles use crushed wafers, white chocolate, coconut and a spot of rum for an indulgent little treat. Decorate with your favourite sprinkles for a colourful treat.


I like crème eggs in moderation, but I’m intrigued by the idea of making them at home. Here’s a really interesting vegan recipe, which uses potato for a starchy filling!

I’ll take the author’s word for it that the result doesn’t taste potato-ey! I also love the idea of using dark chocolate rather than milk for the shell, as I far far prefer dark to milk.


Fuss-free and fun to make, this mini egg fudge recipe is perfect for Easter. There’s no need for boiling sugar or messing around with thermometers and setting points. I LOVE how the crushed mini eggs add texture and a bit of crunch to the finished fudge.

This recipe is a great one to make with children, who will love helping. They can measure, stir, crush the mini eggs and decorate, before proudly handing out their finished fudge as a delicious Easter gift.

Helen Best-Shaw, is a freelance food & travel writer, recipe developer & photographer. She has been blogging at Fuss Free Flavours for over 10 years.  

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